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21 Moreton Daily Stadium
30 Apr 2022 17:00
2nd minute

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If Buzz is hot about it we will hear more whining tonight.

Since Lodge has joined us how many minor offences has he been pinged and reported for? If he did the tackle he would of been penalised no matter what the contact.

A pity no one in the media supports the Warriors. Imagine if someone asking where was this uproar when Josh Reynolds jumped to fake a spear tackle to get a penalty. Usually from the Aussies, we hear about gamesmanship and their working the system to get rulings their way. They are a selective bunch when they want to worry about the rules and integrity.

So far I feel it's not directed at our club, more so at Matt Lodge. He is not liked.

I reckon if it were Jazz they would have whinged and moved on
Just wanna give you a lil shout out bro.

A lot of us can be quite down in the dumps on here but you bring next level positivity and it’s a real nice change.

Keep bringing that brother - at times this place needs it 🔥🔥🔥
Just saw this e hoa 🥰

Appreciate the aroha and nice words! Thank you!

Love being part of this forum and love being a Warriors supporter with you all! I know we all love our boys at the end of the day! Glad I can help bring some of that positivity!