Game Information


17 Apr 2022 04:00PM

# Player Player #
1 J.Tedesco R.Walsh 1
2 D.Tupou D.Watene-Zelezniak 2
4 J.Manu J.Arthars 3
5 K.Naiqama A.Pompey 4
6 S.Walker E.Kosi 5
7 L.Keary C.Harris-Tavita 6
8 J.Waerea-Hargreaves S.Johnson 7
9 S.Verrills A.Fonua-Blake 8
10 L.Collins W.Egan 9
11 N.Butcher E.Aitken 11
12 S.Tupouniua B.Sironen 12
13 V.Radley J.Curran 13
15 F.Baker K.Nikorima 14
16 A.Crichton B.Afoa 15
18 L.Lam A.Pene 16
22 D.Suluka-Fifita E.Katoa 17
23 J.Suaalii T.Otukolo 18
24 D.Hutchison P.Kepu 25

Tohu Harris and Lodge are starters. Jazz is a bench player when full strength. Ben Murdoch-Masila is fringe first grade and probably out with a full strength.

We’ve got to back the depth of our forward pack toThey get the job done. doesn't matter.
They are in the 17.

So if Ben Murdoch-Masila is a fringe first grade now, what does that make the forward depth most of us have never seen because they have zero 1st grade experience?

You do realise Ben Murdoch-Masila is am international in the strongest international pack in the world right?

Just because he's injured right now doesn't delete his history.
Can't tell if that's pessimism or if you're just a realist, sounds like the best we can hope for is to die in our sleep before the game like Kenny Rogers

I give us long odds against the Roosters but wouldn't be shocked if we somehow caused an upset. Roosters have been very up and down so hard to say.

I think the Storm will definitely flog us though. Too much speed and agility for us to cover them, especially with inexperienced backs.
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What gives me confidence for this game is our spine, they are starting to settle in to their shapes and are bringing more players into the game on attack. Personally I think our forwards can gain close to parity with theirs.

I think the longer we stay in this one the better chance we get, frustrate people like JWH and he may blow a fuse. The key to Manu is take his space away and get him to the ground early.

I am doubtful of a win, but we are a starters chance if they play well.
Agree about the spine and forwards, but I also think we’ve got every chance in this game. Roosters snuck past a broncos team last week who we played really well against, sure the return of a player like Capewell would have been a big return for them but I thought the template of how we managed Oates should see a similar plan against tupou who has a height advantage and has been playing well. Also agree regarding Manu and verrills first game back hopefully shows some rust, would be good to give Otukolo some time on the field.