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17 Apr 2022 04:00PM

# Player Player #
1 J.Tedesco R.Walsh 1
2 D.Tupou D.Watene-Zelezniak 2
4 J.Manu J.Arthars 3
5 K.Naiqama A.Pompey 4
6 S.Walker E.Kosi 5
7 L.Keary C.Harris-Tavita 6
8 J.Waerea-Hargreaves S.Johnson 7
9 S.Verrills A.Fonua-Blake 8
10 L.Collins W.Egan 9
11 N.Butcher E.Aitken 11
12 S.Tupouniua B.Sironen 12
13 V.Radley J.Curran 13
15 F.Baker K.Nikorima 14
16 A.Crichton B.Afoa 15
18 L.Lam A.Pene 16
22 D.Suluka-Fifita E.Katoa 17
23 J.Suaalii T.Otukolo 18
24 D.Hutchison P.Kepu 25

Yeah they do, which makes it interesting they put him up against the Cows and pulled him for the same niggles vs the Roosters.

You could extrapolate from that the Warriors saw the Cows game as winnable, a must win on their calendar and the Chooks game as a pass...a likely loss.

Otherwise why not pull him from the Cows game to be right for the Chooks?

Very clearly they decided let's risk his back this week so he can dodge the worst game the week after.

The medically sound thing would be to pull him now if you are gonna pull him and play him recovered....not roll the dice and play him with a niggle so you can pull him after the gamble.

If it was about playing with niggles he would be in the 17 again.
I assumed it didn't cross the threshold of missing a game last week but has got worse so is missing this week.
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