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22 SCG
17 Apr 2022 16:00
80th minute

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I appreciate that Annesley fronts the media weekly, but don't think his comments have helped things at all in terms of the clarity of the situation in the weekend.

Watching it unfolding on the day it seemed obvious just from a single replay in both cases that the negligence of the defender was the cause of the ball spilling. They had a hand and a foot where it simply should not have been at the time of the play the ball that caused the dislodging. Neither were what you would term a loose carry or a player lurching forward off the mark to place the ball on the foot of the defender.

By saying: “I think we have to treat them consistently.” “In isolation, these two incidents are probably justifiable ... the way the referee and the bunker ruled on these two incidents” its implying that it only matters what you decide in the confines of a single game and if they got ruled differently in separate games that's ok. Its just adding murkiness to what in my opinion was clear cut with both of those instances - the defender was at fault.

I'm sure they are on decent coin, but its becoming an increasingly difficult job for the on-field ref with the faster game and the scrutiny of the high-definition replays. However that's why we have the bunker and that's why we have the captains challenge - to provide the opportunity to correct the wrong. Unfortunately it was the bunker that caused the howler in the weekend and that's where Annesley's comments don't help at all.
Also, they should be trying the blast the ball to the side line every kick off. bounces out and we get the ball's in the rules, and not enough teams are prepared to take the risk
Not sure about that, not many players will want to be blamed for losing the game like Reece was if it goes out. Mind you he's so confident it probably won't stop him trying it again next week, he seems to be fearless.