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Moreton Daily Stadium
08 Apr 2022 08:00PM

# Player Player #
1 R.Walsh S.Drinkwater 1
2 E.Kosi K.Feldt 2
3 J.Arthars V.Holmes 3
4 A.Pompey P.Hiku 4
5 M.Montoya M.Taulagi 5
6 C.Harris-Tavita T.Dearden 6
7 S.Johnson C.Townsend 7
8 B.Afoa J.McLean 8
9 W.Egan R.Robson 9
10 M.Lodge J.Taunoa-Brown 10
11 E.Aitken T.Gilbert 11
12 B.Sironen J.Nanai 12
13 J.Curran J.Taumalolo 13
14 K.Nikorima J.Granville 14
15 E.Katoa H.Luki 15
16 A.Pene R.Cotter 16
17 J.Murchie G.Neame 17
20 A.Fonua-Blake B.Elliot 19

Maaaate I feel you’re being pretty harsh on a few of the Cowboys players.

Dearden has started the season great, 6 try assists to Chanel Harris-Tavita’s 1. That’s not a tie

How anyone can chose Kodi over anyone at this stage is beyond me lol. On potential, yes. On likelihood of effort, hell no.

Cotter is also a good player and has probably played better than Pene this year.

I think it’s a lot closer than you’ve given credit…
Making those changes makes it 7 Advantages to the Cowboys and only 5 to the Warriors
if Addin Fonua-Blake comes back then it will be 7 to 6
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I wonder why they won’t elaborate what “knock” Addin Fonua-Blake has to where?
That part of the body might become a target for opposition. I don't think it sounds too serious however. I think if Addin is going to miss a game over the next month this will be the one to miss. Our players will have gained a bit of confidence and the spine will be playing together 2 weeks in a row. Also, a good opportunity for one of the other props to stand up. Hopefully Pene plays more game time. Put Katoa in the front row for this game!
It was so obvious why didn’t I think of that 🤦🏽‍♂️
In ice hockey NHL during the playoffs everyone is listed on the injury sheet as "lower leg injury" even if they have a cut above their eye and everyone saw it happen.
Pretty ruthless though isn't it. So you are a good person Afakasi for not imagining that people would deliberately re-injure somebody. There are a number of NRL and NHL and NFL coaches who would direct an attack/take out to happen overtly to their team thug if they had that intelligence.
Jazz would probably be the hit man for our team if it came to that.
Vodafone Warriors captain Addin Fonua-Blake is rated a slightly better chance of taking his place against North Queensland in Friday night's fifth-round NRL contest at Moreton Daily Stadium in Redcliffe (6.00pm kick-off local time; 8.00pm NZT).

Head coach Nathan Brown told the media today that his premier prop could neither be ruled out nor ruled in two days out from the match.
Rest him games 6 and 7 (against Rooster and Storm)
Not quite right, I believe they go with "upper-body" or "lower-body" injury.
You'r right

Here is a screen scrape for a recent NHL injury report

C. KellerRWout for season - Leg
( Thu, Mar 31)
J. McBainCOut indefinitely - Ankle
( Fri, Mar 25)
B. LittleCOut indefinitely - Ear
( Tue, Mar 22)
J. MoserDOut indefinitely - Upper Body
( Wed, Mar 16)
A. RousselLWLate April - Lower Body
( Mon, Mar 14)
L. O'BrienCOut indefinitely - Upper Body
( Tue, Mar 8)
D. JaskinRWout for season - Lower Body
( Sat, Jan 29)
C. TimminsDout for season - Knee
( Thu, Nov 18)
It was so obvious why didn’t I think of that 🤦🏽‍♂️

In saying that - if bro does play and has his knee or shoulder heavily strapped, for example, it wouldn’t make a difference.
At his core Toddy Payten is Cobra Kai. Brownie‘s right to take precautions.

Here are the ‘stats’ going into tomorrow nights game. The sides couldn’t be more evenly matched. It is a ‘home’ game for us, so the Cows will have had to endure a flight to Brissy which should help us as well as it’s the early game too.


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When is captains run? Tonight or tomorrow morning?

“So we’ve had to name him in the 24 because you have to name 24 players. He’s basically a 50/50 chance to play at this stage.

“He picked up a bit of a knock against the Broncos and wasn’t able to finish the game. He’s made some really good recovery in the front half of the week, we weren’t expecting him to play.

"We’ll give him all the way up until the captain’s run to improve his fitness because of his experience and the quality player he is, but as a group we’re preparing for him not to play, and if he plays it’s a nice little bonus for us.