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20 Moreton Daily Stadium
02 Apr 2022 17:00
80th minute

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After watching the replay a worrying thought came to me. Waa Feglers tackles delliberte tactic, hitting about the hips then sliding nd forcing the ball carrier backwards thus straining his legs. He seemed to be setting up for those hits, any thoughts?


How can you ask for a Captain's challenge when the Ref made no call on the play?
What we have regularly seen is decisions being made on the whole play not just what the ref called.

So the ref was right but he missed something just before hand.

That article kinda explains that mentality with Melbourne trying it pre-season and the ref said if you are wrong youll be binned.

So them pulling that back is good.


This year yet?
In 2018 the week before our playoff game was magic on this forum and it was a great time to be a forumer. We all knew who was going to be in the team list as Kearney was as predictable as clockword nonetheless even the announcing of the team list was celebrated.
Watching our team jog on to the field vs Panthers was an electric moment I won't forget and I am dead keen to make the playoffs again even position number 8 will be good enough.
Being at that game- and the one a week or so before we got upset by the dogs put a big dent in the enthusiasm. First 5 or so weeks of that season including being at the Roosters game we won without Shaun Johnson was amazing experience I haven’t really felt since 2002 really