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26 Mt Smart Stadium
03 Sep 2022 17:00
3rd minute

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Good effort, but dropped away and got stung. Story of the season. Found a way to lose. Glad season is over. This club has been annihilated over 3 years. This is a long rebuild friends. But I’ll remind you this… the cubs won the World Series after 100 years of failure. One day we will go all the way. Hopefully, in our lifetimes. When that happens I will remember what tonight feels like.
This is the lowest we have ever been.

We have to rise in 2023. Because we cannot go much lower.
We didn’t get the spoon yet.

That’s next year, there is no way this basket case is turning around in the next five years.
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Having watched the game live (and seeing Reece debating with Stacey? on the walkies via the Big Screen)... credit to Reece for wanting to go back on when the game was on the line, but he had been making his way around the field holding his arm up for 5-10 minutes before he got pulled off. You can't carry on like that and expect to stay on the field... you're both a target for the attack and a risk to the team (and yourself if it truely is that bad).
Granted, he's probably stuffed his shoulder (or ribs), but if he wanted to stay out on the field beside his brothers, he could have at least tried to and hide/mask the injury while he carried on.

I wish him well at the Broncos, as he's given us fans some highlights (and headaches) since he joined the club. But I do hope someone tells him that the difference between him being a flop and becoming a gun player is largely dependent on his attitude - one season wonders aren't remembered outside of the "remember this" highlights reel shares on Facebook, it is the players who ply their trade over many seasons who become legends and are actually remembered (which is what I think Walsh wants to be).

I hope Webster can unearth a gun/legend (or two) across 2023-24 - eg, Volkman, Metcalf, Tuaupiki, one/both of the Kepus or (longest odds based on 2022 form) Otukolo, all of whom have the potential... But this club has had potential in spades for many years - time to deliver on it.
I think Reece’s attitude is fine.
His defence is woeful.
Remember you can’t put a wise head on young shoulders . He has to learn by making mistakes then not repeating them
Walters needs he knows anyway to work on his defence and reduce brain farts
I don’t know why all of you are so phlegmatic and accurate with your thoughts at this stage.
I will be clear headed and post some glass is half full stuff tomorrow but admire and don’t understand how the rest of you can be so calm and resilient immediately after watching that. I admire your mental strength all of you.
Kia Kaha
27 years of experience has bred a lack of expectation and an acceptance that if the wheels can come off they will. And an enjoyment of gallows humour helps.

I honestly don't know what we will all do if anyone turns the club around and we start consistently winning.
Shift to the Tigers maybe?


I'm from the far north myself, for years (at least to those in Northland league circles), it seems the Warriors have ignored Northland talent.

I played with three junior kiwis at school, two of whom trialled in Aus (one ended up playing there, one turned down an offer from the Steelers/Dragons as a teen). Warriors never showed any interest.

And that's just from one small rural Northland school...
I know for a fact they didm't. Sydney clubs were going up there years ago.
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I know for a fact they didm't. Sydney clubs were going up there years ago.
We had a great coach up there too, but very little recognition. An outstanding man. (but when he was your coach, he was nasty... that being said, most players who played for him became better people).


nah, Phil Marsh. coached us at school plus the Northern Storm in Bartercard about 10 years later. From experience, I can tell you the linespeed, agility, lateral movement and defence training was brutal.
Good Northland name.
That mish mash of a playing kit summed up the game, nice first half terrible second.
Puma… how hard is it to supply a set of black shorts to match the jersey!!
Put that on the ‘to do’ list for next season along with sorting the team out.
The real tragedy of the season tbh.

Players would've felt like Lamborghini's and played accordingly instead of looking like dilapidated jalopy's.....

(seriously tho, how feckin hard is it to organize a set of black shorts?......only this club)
What part of the Hokianga brother?
I was born in Kawakawa, raised in Ōkaihau. my mum's family are from Utakura/Motukiore and Waimate North before that.

Hokianga Pioneers are my club. My mother is (still, at 75) a member of the Utakura Pioneers.

That being said, grew up playing all the far north teams and knew them quite well...


the far north teams
...those clubs fight like fark ;) :Dbeen going on for 100s of years I am told...the ones on the north head of the harbour used to shit on the bodies of the ones from Opo according to my local kaumatua mate. Sure as hell tough enough for the NRL. Maybe Tony Iro being a Raro was a bit worried about them?🤔
How about when Tohu Harris put bunty through a hole, one man to beat and a player (missed who it was but someone fast) right on his shoulder and he took the tackle. I almost put my foot through the tv . I know bunty is a one truck pony be geeeeessss that was a 100% a try if he passed it.
Ironically Bunty blew a try against the Titans in 2018 also received a pass from Tohu Harris weirdly enough