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26 Mt Smart Stadium
03 Sep 2022 17:00
3rd minute

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...those clubs fight like fark ;) :Dbeen going on for 100s of years I am told...the ones on the north head of the harbour used to shit on the bodies of the ones from Opo according to my local kaumatua mate. Sure as hell tough enough for the NRL. Maybe Tony Iro being a Raro was a bit worried about them?🤔
trust me, I know what they fight like 😉. Under 13s... every tackle there were cheap shots... U18s... 3 carloads of wannabe gang members showed up at prizegiving to beat up one 17-18 year old (my halfback for 7 years)...

My uncle farmed at Opononi/Omapere. Played for Ōkaihau (rugby) before he got badly hurt.

Fisher-Harris (Rawene) and Harawira-Naera (Otaua) are both south side Hokianga boys. That being said, Harawira is a north side Hokianga name (used to play rugby with Tumamao Harawira as a kid. Tum went on to work for Maori TV etc. Great representative for the far north).
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In Andy we (have to) trust
How about when Tohu Harris put bunty through a hole, one man to beat and a player (missed who it was but someone fast) right on his shoulder and he took the tackle. I almost put my foot through the tv . I know bunty is a one truck pony be geeeeessss that was a 100% a try if he passed it.
Chanel Harris-Tavita was there to take the pass (if I recall correctly)
Son comes back from being away from the weekend. The game gets to 67 minutes gone Warriors 26-12 up. "The Warriors win right?, yeah they win" looks at amazed "How did they lose?"

Yeah I can't explain it. I should of just let him think they won. Not sure if I disappointed him or he found it funny.


Hone and Titewhai Harawira definitely. Hone Heke? probably. Used to work with a few of the Heke's as a kid.

I think one of my ancestors might have put up one of the flagpoles Hone chopped down 🙈🤣
I knew both Hone and Titiwhai way back...they liked me for some reason...Mr, Harawira senior had real mana and I think was related to Hone Heke. Hone Harawira studied at Auckland University once I think.


I knew both Hone and Titiwhai way back...they liked me for some reason...Mr, Harawira senior had real mana and I think was related to Hone Heke. Hone Harawira studied at Auckland University once I think.
I remember talking to an old Ngapuhi kuia once, she said Nga Puhi, everybody hates us.
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I used to think it was because Tony Iro couldn't find a latte in the Hokianga...seriously...but now any club offering a job and a home for a family in Oz is on a winner. It s so easy for them to do and so difficult for the Warriors to match.
Yeah i agree about the fierce competition.

I'm gonna talk here from a pro Maori Rugby league pov rather than Anti any other group, because the NZ Indigenous game is close to my heart.

Please don't mistake my ethnographic discussion for some kind of racial prejudice, this is a deliberate color commentary to do with migratory patterns of Maori vs the proliferation of P.I. athletes in the Auckland system, and the dissapearance of the rugged Pakeha. My point being the Warriors are no good at finding the best of:
Ethnic other.
If you look at the Kiwis the Maori core from the Storm are the future of the Kiwis, Brandon Smith, Jahrome Hughes the Propping brothers, and half half Sa Maori Nelson A.S.

Then throw in cook Island Maori NZ Maori mix in Rapana, Maori boy Tapine, Maori James Fisher Harris, Samoan Leotoa.

These guys belted big boy Athletes Tonga, because they ars footballers not Athletes...lets not forget Maori boy Dylan Brown.

The Warriors clearly have a terrible relationship with Maori in the present day, how else would you describe a situation Where Maori are the best of the NRL, the indigenous people of Aotearoa and the Warriors for a very long time have been the last team these Indigdnous stars like Benji Marshall and JWH have landed at.

The Melbourne Storm thanks to the Stephen Kearney cup and the man himself own Wellington and the mid to lower half North Island Maori demographic regions which is pretty much the neglect of the South Auckland Warriors....because the Warriors are looking for the next Beast which is the Warrior scouts blind spot.

Auckland Vulcans ruled the world when stacked with Maori Pakeha, P.I.

The Warriors haven’t got a clue.
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Te Maire Martin and Dylan Walker are a start for you. Lussick was the change in the game for me, so much so I thought Aitken was going to take him on when he shoved the titans player over.
Will be interesting, but what I think we need is hearty Maori forwards like the Kiws, natural footballers with big engines who hit accurately like Tohu Harris and have no give in switch.
Thank f#$k this season is over.. in fact the last 3 years...couldn't even win the spoon either, deserved to though..
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Just watched the game

Sad end to another sad season. In perspective though and our own goals aside, we've had a torrid time under the Covid regime.
Despite all the platitudes from across the ditch over the last three years, the sooner we recognise we're on our own and always will be until we are winning on a consistent basis, the better. No free lunches from our so called friends in the NRL.

Wish list for next year:
Morgan coaching Ladies
Best pre-season in 28 years (again)
Some decent leadership both on the field and in management
Getting the other grades back up and running successfully
Injuries minimal to give us some consistency

Not much to ask
A game and season of if's buts and maybe's, but the reality is as a team lacking in football IQ and mental toughness.
Players like Walsh who want the highlight reels, while good to watch need to rely on the platform laid. The game is simple, hard grind, the physicality cannot be underestimated.
Also once you make first grade you cannot rest on your new found fame but work your arse off to improve.