Game Information


BlueBet Stadium
26 Aug 2022 08:00PM

# Player Player #
1 D.Edwards R.Walsh 1
2 T.May D.Watene-Zelezniak 2
3 I.Tago V.Vailea 3
4 S.Crichton E.Kosi 5
5 B.To'o C.Harris-Tavita 6
6 J.Luai S.Johnson 7
7 S.O'Sullivan A.Fonua-Blake 8
8 M.Leota T.Harris 10
9 A.Koroisau J.Curran 12
10 J.Fisher-Harris B.Afoa 13
11 V.Kikau F.Lussick 14
13 I.Yeo D.Lui 15
14 M.Kenny E.Katoa 16
15 M.Eisenhuth T.Ale 17
16 S.Leniu A.Pompey 18
18 S.Turuva B.Murdoch-Masila 21
19 J.Hopgood T.Otukolo 23
20 C.Smith J.Frei 24

The only think I can see is the clubs reputation for giving youngsters opportunity.

The sharks have shunted Metcalf to reserves; Raider shaft CNK back to reserves. Meanwhile we keep giving opportunity to Reece, CHT and Katoa to develop their game.

We provide opportunity for Kosi, Vailea, Lussick and Berry when there have been safer options. Hopefully 16-20 year old up and comers would take notice!

I hopefully we are going for the long term play and aiming for a reputation for opportunity amongst the best juniors in the game. These sort of ‘backing the development player’ calls may have helped sign the likes of Volkman over other clubs.

I can see that for sure with the other guys but wouldn't you say we have already shown that with Walsh? He has been dropped from the starting side to the bench just once and the rest of the time we have stuck strong with him, but at this stage he neither gives us the best opportunity to win (imo), nor does he have any upside for us from a development point of view.
You could say we are now sending the message "Its cool if you want to leave, we will still give you time to work on your game to prepare you for the next team you play for"

I'm arguing over nothing ultimately though, I am fine for Walsh to be thrown to the wolves this week.
Ideally I would prefer Chanel at 1, and Asi at 6 for the Titans game because I think they have the best chance at ending the season with a bang, but it has been a long year and my cup of care if just about empty so who really gives a f**k haha

Starting second rowers Jack Murchie and Euan Aitken are both unavailable for the Vodafone Warriors’ penultimate match of the season against defending premier Penrith on Friday (6.00pm kick-off local time; 8.00pm NZT).

Murchie wasn’t selected in the squad named yesterday.

He has been ruled out with a nagging hip strain but it’s hoped he’ll be in contention for the club’s season finale against Gold Coast at Mount Smart Stadium on September 3.

Aitken was initially named yesterday but has been withdrawn on personal grounds.

In Aitken’s absence, Eliesa Katoa comes off the interchange to start in combination with Josh Curran for the first time.

Katoa will make his 14th appearance of the season, his fifth in the starting line-up. Curran, injected from the bench in four of the last four games, will be playing his 17th match of the season.

Replacing Katoa on the bench is Ben Murdoch-Masila, who is returning from a long injury lay-off.

Centre Jesse Arthars, initially hampered by a quad injury, has been battling a virus for the last two weeks and is again unavailable.


Jesse ArtharsVirusRound 25
Bayley SironenOsteitis pubisSeason
Jazz TevagaShoulderSeason
Ronald Volkman ShoulderSeason
It doesn’t matter who we name it seems half the team haven’t been switched on all season. Comments from Bunty this week and Jazz earlier in the year reaffirms attitude has been a big factor in the disappointing season.
I’m hoping to see Tom Ale given a lot more minutes this week, he’s looked good in his very brief spells the last fortnight.


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