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46 BlueBet Stadium
26 Aug 2022 20:00
80th minute

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What was deemed a position of strength I.e. our forwards has proved to be a weakness, even when Lodge was at the club.

When I look at other clubs who dominate their forward packs are different athletic ability to the Warriors. This has to be done to conditioning of the players.

Work needs to be done on mental toughness as well.

My daughter who is 11 and a squad swimmer trains 5 times a week with 1.5 hours sessions, plus 1 out of the pool boot camp for strength and agility

She is far more resilient then some of the current Warrior players who give in too easily
She is pushed by the Seniors swimmers one was at the recent commonwealth games and WC and won Medals, 9 others are swimming at the Australian Championships. The seniors squad only has 38 swimmers.

Each swim session She swims 1.5km of intensity and loves it but she is mentally tough....
He was a superstar against the Kangaroos...just unbelievable...he needed to be swabbed...send him to ESL
Yes that’s right he was amazing that day.
I think he is done …
Halfback stats from a prop, but with tackles too. What a guy!!



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Thank you Tim for this heart warming post
The people on this site feel like a whanau to me
I had a very difficult week at work last week and turned to a glass of wine just now to settle down from the stress
I really appreciate your post of a positive story and it put me in a good mood
Thanks. She motivates me.
She has a long way to go, but she is targeting the Brisbane Olympics. Doubtful she will do it, but it's her dream and she loves it, but has the desire to it.
It makes me question at times if some at these players not just at the Warriors realsise how privileged they are to play NRL and importantly pull on a Warriors Jersey.