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01 Jan 1970 12:00PM

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Long live the Rainbows and Butterflies
The ref was woeful, but not as woeful as the team played. Shaun Johnson sack him. kills us every week. Matalino was missing in action yet again. during the whole game Manu didn't get the ball once that wasn't a hit up, all of a sudden hes not worth playing to - wtf if hes no good get another defender out there. Swap Hurrel and Laumape fer fk sake. no point going on - that game wasn't lost on defence it was lost on attack, or should I say the warriors didn't have any after the first 10 mins
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Gutless, heartless, amateur display.

Worst part? I'm not even surprised.

Hope you're happy, Warriors. Least now you guys don't have to go back to work for the finals aye, as it seems that's all this is for you; work.
It wouldn't matter how razzle-dazzle our attach can get, it wouldn't matter if we had brutally effective defence... until we start showing so respect for possession, we'll never have consistent results.
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This year yet?
What happened to make us look so lazy the last 3 weeks? Played like shit against sharks and now the panthers and still almost sneak a win, makes me angry what could have been had we put the effort in for the whole 80
Prediction: I can't see us winning anymore games at all this season.

Back to what we were last year. This club needs a serious fucking player clean out and get some players in that have some commitment. Plus a few brains would be nice.
Yep. Start with Manu, Matulino, Lowrie, Mateo.
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Besides the 3 metre forward pass the refs should also be questioned on why Nielsen was allowed to lay injured in the middle of the play.

I know they were on attack but there was one camera shot where Nielsen was laying right were they were going to pass the ball from the play the ball.
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