Game Information


Mt Smart Stadium
12 Aug 2022 08:00PM

# Player Player #
1 R.Walsh J.Averillo 1
2 D.Watene-Zelezniak J.Kiraz 2
3 V.Vailea A.Schoupp 3
4 M.Montoya B.Burns 4
5 E.Kosi J.Addo-Carr 5
6 D.Asi M.Burton 6
7 S.Johnson K.Flanagan 7
8 A.Fonua-Blake M.King 8
9 W.Egan J.Marshall-King 9
10 T.Harris P.Vaughan 10
11 E.Aitken J.Jackson 11
12 J.Murchie J.Topine 12
13 J.Curran R.Faitala-Mariner 13
14 F.Lussick Z.Dockar-Clay 14
15 B.Afoa J.Stimson 15
16 E.Katoa H.Edwards 16
17 J.Frei C.Patolo 17
22 T.Ale K.Morrin 20

Vailea showed the hype tonight!

And we also finally got some sustained game plan working.

Still we could have iced more ops if Johnson ran into the line and got a hit ups on the board.

If he did that then the rest would have had more space to finish the half chances they did create through the passes.

You watch D they slide off him real early.

But stoked to get the W. Walsh really missed out playing in NZ he was soaking up the atmosphere and I'd dare say he may have stayed on if we played at home more cos NZ would have treated him like a Pharoah!
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Glad Ale is getting a run but please give him more than the last 10mins. That shows us nothing. I know he’s coming back from injury but surely a 25-30 min shift sometime in the middle of the game would be the best
Give him time. Coming back from the same injury as the skipper.