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24 Moreton Daily Stadium
15 Aug 2021 15:50
80th minute

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I like Chanel as a player (because of his defensive qualities & heart) but it would be great if he could get better at putting forwards/players in gaps...even Sean O'Sullivan with more long term limitations seems to be better at this...I think Sean O'Sullivan is young and keen enough to keep improving and could become an asset to the Warriors as their 3rd half. One thing for sure is next year Johnson or Chanel will be injured, I just hope not both at the same time. I also like the idea of having Walsh in the halves and Dallin at fullback. Montoya one wing not sure on the other wing yet.
I think Chanel Harris-Tavita will be at least an above average nrl half in due time, with the potential to be a good one. I dont ever think he will be a half that goes out and consistantly wins you games but thats fine, you cant have a team full of superstars at every position and need players who just go out and do their job.

His weakest parts of his game are his kicking, decision making and running. Good thing is that he can work on the first 2, it can take a while for halves get this and Chanel Harris-Tavita is still very young and has not played mamy games yet. Look for him to start to click more in these areas after about 50 nrl games, if he can stay on the field and not have any more injury set backs he will be fine.

His running game will not get much better, he is not an explosive athelete and is quite an awkward runner. He can learn to better time his runs but he is never going to be a player that consistantly challenges and breaks the line. Again thats ok.

What i like about him is his heart and his defense, he is always chasing through and always up amd putting pressure on his opposites. Runs good support lines. We all know about his big hits in defense but i would look for him to be more conservative in this area, since he came back from injury i have seen him rushing up alot looking to hit or shut down space but ending up in no mans land and the ball gets past him.

You may mow think, well whats the difference to him and Sean O'Sullivan at the moment. While Sean O'Sullivan has been playing better of late i still don't think hes nrl standard, at ome point on the weekend he was leading the team in runs with 12 while Addin Fonua-Blake was second with 10. If you get up and pressure him he will tuck the ball and run, essentially dieing with position. Now again Sean O'Sullivan like Chanel Harris-Tavita is a youmg half and with more game time i would expect him to get better at that, but the thing is i think Sean O'Sullivan is closer to his ceiling in terms of development where as Chanel Harris-Tavita has more room to grow, the club hieracy must feel the same which is shown by Sean O'Sullivan being unsigned next year and all the words of support for Chanel Harris-Tavita coming from the coach ect.

I think we are in a good position for halves next year, Chanel Harris-Tavita and Shaun Johnson running the team around with walsh on the back end is going to be really good. If the 2 very injury prone halves can stay on the field.
His running imo is fine.
Guys always going to the line trying to bust through.
I think he isn't the fastest or doesn't have feet like Shaun Johnson or sheck or anything.
But in terms of getting the ball and running at the line he's great.