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18 Cbus Super Stadium
07 Aug 2021 17:00
81st minute

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I said a video of the game is going to be put together and spread on social media if the NRL doesn’t take what happened in the game seriously.

I listed all the incidents and said for each one there are worse incidents unpunished that will be compared and then the question will be asked how so many dubious calls all happened in one game…

Will see what response that gets!

They haven’t replied yet despite replying to others from yesterday…
Took a little while but found the post i was looking for. Was thinking about this post and thought of a pretty good idea that could have much more effect than our emails to them.
Do we still have our cross forum nrl general round threads? Could we perhaps co-ordinate with or allocate a poster from each forum to open up discussions on their respective forums and get the general consensus or feedback of the posters. If they're all of similar thinking then why not co-ordinate a social media blitz all together with edited clips by multiple posters on multiple forums all with an agreed upon message. That should get a response.
And personally i don't even think it's bias as much as it's inconsistency and incompetence which is almost worse.