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GIO Stadium
23 Jul 2022 05:00PM

# Player Player #
1 X.Savage C.Harris-Tavita 1
2 N.Cotric D.Watene-Zelezniak 2
3 M.Timoko J.Arthars 3
4 S.Kris A.Pompey 4
5 A.Hopoate M.Montoya 5
6 J.Wighton D.Asi 6
7 J.Fogarty S.Johnson 7
8 J.Papalii A.Fonua-Blake 8
9 Z.Woolford W.Egan 9
10 J.Tapine T.Harris 10
11 H.Young E.Aitken 11
12 E.Whitehead J.Curran 12
13 A.Elliott J.Tevaga 13
14 T.Starling R.Walsh 14
15 R.Sutton B.Afoa 15
16 E.Guler J.Murchie 17
17 C.Harawira-Naera E.Katoa 18
21 A.Mariota J.Frei 23

I would be more pumped if we were trialling Asi at centre as what happens if Asi makes a reasonable but not amazing job at 6 over the next few games and then we sign him.
We have metcalf and Volkman already as reasonable halves next year to partner Shaun.
Asi also plays centre so would like to see him tried there as it would fit our vacancies better with Arthars leaving.
I think this move is not necessarily an Asi trial for next year but a legit attempt by Jones to win the match with the best available spine combination he can think of based on current form. This isn't about investing in the future as Chanel Harris-Tavita wouldn't be out there either.
I think this is some moneyball picks by Jones.
Asi is probably better than Volkman but a wee bit.
The think tank likes Chanel Harris-Tavita at fullback as he is defensively sound
They must be thinking of bringing walsh in at standoff in the second half.
Perhaps they discussed giving walsh a full game at 6 but decided this compromised minimised their risk exposure better given they might not trust walsh defending at 6

Asi's defence is not good enough for centre. He plays really well at 6 in Q Cup.

I think Volkman is seen as an Shaun Johnson replacement so the 6 is open for Asi to grab it or atleast take the inside running before Metcalf gets here.

Metcalf is just a series of ????. Defensively weak, seriously fast, not sure about kicking or distribution. He has strengths and weaknesses at 1, 6, 7, 9, 14 so where do we put him to hide his weaknesses and allow him to use his strengths?

In any case, every squad needs to be 4 deep in the halves. At the moment we've got Shaun Johnson, Volkman, Metcalf for 2023 so Asi would round it out nicely.
Good on Stacey,althougn It is not unusual for Warriors coaches to shake things up early in their tenure. For some reason the majority refuse to do it once they are 10 games in.
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There’s a rumour going around that the storm are interested for the rest of the season with Papenhuyzen done.
Hope its not true. Only for the reason that the competition is becoming a bit of a joke now. When Townsend was released temporarily to play for us last year I was obviously backing him and hoping it would work well for the club as I would for anyone who put on the Warriors jersey. However it just didn't feel right at the time. Leilua going to to the Cowboys at the midway point of this season wasn't right.

Can maybe make an exception for someone like Volkman as he was never likely to see first grade this year with the Roosters, but players who have actually taken the field for a club in a given season should not be allowed to play for another club in that same season if we want to take the integrity of this competition seriously.

Releasing a team photo and club poster at the beginning of the year is becoming a waste of time now.
Don’t know if it was Stacey or Webster but I’m happy with this team. Hopefully Asi steps up and gets a deal. Assume with him over Volkman they see Volkman as an out and out 7 and Asi a 6. Both so young, hopefully they can be a 10 year + halves combo for us!!
Asi's form in Q cup is hard to ignore so he really grabbed the chance. Would have preferred to see Shaun Johnson dropped and Volkman played at 7.

Johnson is not a halfback's arse and should only ever be considered in the 6 role for the rest of his tenure with us and even then it should only be depth.

The future is the youngsters so the more game time the better

Other than that I like the side. Would like to see Lussick on the bench for Walsh as having him (Walsh) there has no bearing on 2023 for us.
I was looking forward to seeing Volkman play again. I was expecting they would try and squeeze him in and it was either Walsh or Chanel Harris-Tavita to the bench. So Asi was a bit of a surprise.

Asi has helped create point scoring opportunities the games he has played. He is playing for a contract so he will want to impress.

Chanel Harris-Tavita and Walsh are both leaving at the end of the season. I'd led to having them compete for the fullback position. Chanel Harris-Tavita hasn't looked too bad there with limited game time, also not against the best sides. He may suit us better then for the rest of the season instead of in the halves. Walsh we were putting up with his mistakes more than we probably should of as part of his development. His long term development is no longer our concern.
The Walsh rumour was discussed on NRL360 this evening. Said the Warriors refused to release him.

Last night the discussion was how the Storm in the past could work through big injuries as they had players ready to step up. Cronk last night mentioned due to covid those players are probably not ready so unlike previous years they may not have a new superstar ready to go.

I don't mind the mid season transfers when it's early in the season as clubs find they have a lack of depth in certain areas or are hit by injuries. Later in the season can be exploited with clubs heading to the finals. I know this one has a major injury but at some point you need to work through the set backs. The trading cut off has been extended but its a bit close to finals for my liking.

He's still useful for us to have in the squad. We still need to pick up a few wins to avoid the spoon.

Imagine if we did release him and our next home game he's playing for the opposition. He already missed the home coming game and then the following week got a release and signed with the Broncos for 2023.