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20 Netstrata Jubilee Stadium
11 Jul 2021 18:05
80th minute

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Long live the Rainbows and Butterflies
Well the dragons May well make the eight but thanks to Pos and brown we have better players and a better ceiling

what is your view
Would you rather be a dragons or warriors fan right now putting aside loyalty?
at the moment drags are doing better than warriors with a lesser side imo
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Netflix should do a documentary on the Warriors. It will be more depressing than ‘Sunderland till I Die’… we should be a top 6 club consistently. But we are a bottom 3 club consistently. It just does my head in.
Yeah, I was thinking watching some episodes and reading reviews of STID....

I think we could all name a few Warriors versions of Jack Rodwell, or Warriors versions of the player who when asked if has looking forward to the new season, said "Nah. But I've got a contract."

And if I'm CEO, 10 minutes later he's on a cab/uber back home to look for another club...