Game Information


Wests Tigers
Mt Smart Stadium
03 Jul 2022 04:00PM

# Player Player #
2 D.Watene-Zelezniak D.Laurie 1
3 J.Arthars D.Nofoaluma 2
4 E.Aitken S.To'a 3
5 M.Montoya J.Roberts 4
6 R.Volkman K.Maumalo 5
7 S.Johnson L.Brooks 6
8 A.Fonua-Blake J.Hastings 7
9 W.Egan F.Brown 9
10 J.Tevaga Z.Musgrove 10
12 T.Harris L.Garner 11
13 J.Curran K.Tuilagi 12
14 C.Harris-Tavita J.Ofahengaue 13
15 B.Afoa S.Utoikamanu 14
16 E.Katoa A.Doueihi 15
17 B.Sironen A.Seyfarth 16
18 A.Pompey F.Pole 17
20 A.Pene A.Dias 20
22 F.Lussick J.Liddle 21


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NRL 2022 Round 16 - Warriors vs Tigers TEAM LIST


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Good team.

Just worried about the Huge Crowd = Crap Performance equation that tends to dog the Warriors...

As to KiwinJapan's point:

Sometime next week:

Nathan Brown's stride quickens and a broad smile crosses his face as he approaches Cameron George.

He knew those fuckups weren't his fault or the players fault.

God-freaking-damn Vodafone! He cursed to himself. You cost me mah jerb! Well, time to get that jerb back, cobber!
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Wait what??!! Aitken and Arthars to centres!
?!! Has Stacey lost his mind?

Finally a coach who decided to be our best defensive centres. Was it really that difficult for Brown? How much cant these overthinking coaches get? Edges getting shown up every week. you would think naturally someone would just take the best centre you have and move him back to centre. How can you overthink that?

Getting excited for this week. Cant wait to see the boys rip in. Good to see the boys are back home and refreshed. Hard to perform your best when your physically and emotionally drained.
Curran's D is incredible but I wonder whether he is a better ball playing 13 than Harris? I'm caught thinking that Harris at 13 would be better because of his ball playing ability but also because Curran hits lines with a bit more venom than Harris does. It's also a bit sad to see Chanel Harris-Tavita being phased out slowly but from a professional point of view, it's the right decision. I think Chanel Harris-Tavita offers a lot to the team, especially in attack but now is the time to start developing young Ron for next year.