Game Information


Moreton Daily Stadium
18 Jun 2022 07:30PM

# Player Player #
1 R.Walsh D.Edwards 1
2 D.Watene-Zelezniak T.May 2
3 J.Arthars I.Tago 3
4 A.Pompey S.Crichton 4
5 M.Montoya B.To'o 5
6 R.Volkman J.Luai 6
7 S.Johnson N.Cleary 7
8 B.Afoa M.Leota 8
9 W.Egan A.Koroisau 9
10 J.Tevaga J.Fisher-Harris 10
11 J.Murchie V.Kikau 11
12 T.Harris L.Martin 12
13 J.Curran I.Yeo 13
14 C.Harris-Tavita M.Kenny 14
16 D.Lui S.Sorensen 15
17 B.Sironen S.Leniu 16
20 E.Katoa J.Salmon 17
23 A.Fonua-Blake M.Eisenhuth 19

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The NRL believe they can be and will be bigger than rugby in NZ and gain alot bigger popularity than the all blacks. going head to head with a rugby final would be seen as taking away viewers from rugby. bare in mind this is also the same people that think they can get rugby league much bigger than AFL in melbourne.
Yeah. So Fucking Nah.

Just a coincidence.
1 reason I can possibly think of for Shaun's form is he signed with the warriors to move back to NZ (going of his preseason interviews, seemed very happy and excited) and then next minute we're based in Aussie again when they could've easily relocated back here a few months ago (why didn't they employ the same plan as previously of breaking down the season into blocks). Not making any excuses for him but he genuinely doesn't seem happy on the field and Stacey has even commented he's got a few off field issues. Not everyone can handle living away from home the same as others. Just thinking out loud as this is probably the worst I've seen Shaun ever play.
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