Game Information

Sea Eagles

4 Pines Park
04 Jun 2022 09:35PM

# Player Player #
1 R.Garrick R.Walsh 1
2 J.Saab D.Watene-Zelezniak 2
3 M.Harper R.Berry 3
4 T.Koula A.Pompey 4
5 C.Tuipulotu M.Montoya 5
6 J.Schuster C.Harris-Tavita 6
7 K.Foran S.Johnson 7
8 J.Aloiai B.Murdoch-Masila 8
9 L.Croker W.Egan 9
10 T.Sipley J.Tevaga 10
11 H.Olakau'atu E.Aitken 11
12 A.Davey T.Harris 12
13 J.Trbojevic J.Murchie 13
14 D.Walker T.Otukolo 14
15 K.Lawton B.Afoa 15
16 M.Taupau A.Pene 16
17 S.Keppie B.Sironen 17
20 K.De Luis D.Lui 20

This is a weird team on paper.....

First off has Berry been playing reserve grade the last few weeks?

Looking to how the squad shapes next season I think Berry has played enough games this season and should be number 1 pick for our club in reserve grade. If I'm the warriors, I'm demanding his selection over all others. My preference would be to keep arthars there as long as possible with Pompey and Veilea back up, Berry should be last resort. (not to say he will have a blinder this weekend).

Captian Harris is and should be the first prop selected this week with Afoa. Harris is my starting front rower next season and while we have lost Lodge and Blake I can't go with jazz and masila.

Jazz must be starting lock and put Sironen on the edge until curren is back, Sironen was okay before he was injured.

Would have Murchie and Pene as bench front row, with masila backing up and maybe Murchie slipping on to an edge or lock.

Anyways I think it's a team that can win but I'm sure they will find a way to destroy themselves.
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Who else can we put in those positions???
The cupboard is empty.
Well thats just it probably....thats the position the club got itself in.

Tbh tho (and i dont claim him a world beater by any stretch) id rather Arthurs than Berry.....and yeah Katoa's mistakes have been annoying as fark but id still take him over Sironen who's just a non event rather give a Kepu a run if their eligible.
Why is it always that whoever has a good game for the warriors gets injured the following week??

Fucking every fucking time with this club.

Montoya playing great - 4 week ban
Arthur’s - going great guns - injured 4 weeks
Egan finally hitting form - 3 week injury
Addin Fonua-Blake - best game all year - 4 week injury
Vailea - best game ever - out injured

Seriously wtf
Because Warriors ok?
Anyone know of a Ratuva injury? While I wouldn't want him to start this weekend he used to regularly get named in the enlarged squad. Hasn't played Q Cup in over a month either
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I'm all for developing young talent for the future but this is a bit absurd. What's the definition of insanity? "Trying the same thing over and over again but expecting different results"? Obviously it's painful to watch the Warriors right now given the diabolical state of the club, but I would be more willing to defend the team if Brown actually tried something different. The results are far from what everyone wants, so why do we keep doing the same thing? By all means have faith in the players, but they have to earn the right to be on an NRL field first. I'm sorry to say, at the moment, Berry and Pompey don't deserve a shirt. And Harris is a nice, ball-playing loose yet for some reason he finds himself on the edge with Murchie of all people taking the 13. I think I'm quite indifferent towards Murchie, but I'm sure he's not a better 13 than Harris. And if he can't play on the edge, then Sironen or Katoa can do it - granted they're both good for a few errors a game, but if we're gonna develop players I think Katoa probably shows more promise than Berry or Pompey at this present time. Fundamentally, I believe we have reached a point where Brown should walk us through why he has chosen the team from 1-18. I want to understand why certain players are omitted and others get the nod. I want to understand why tactics aren't changing every week. I want to understand what he hopes they will achieve.

It can get very frustrating at times.
Anyone know of a Ratuva injury? While I wouldn't want him to start this weekend he used to regularly get named in the enlarged squad. Hasn't played Q Cup in over a month either
Blisters from sitting on his arse for so long??

This appears to be how we develop younger players in 2022. Name them in enlarged squads and give them no game time anwhere….then wonder why they aren’t NRL ready!

Wilko 77

Good plan Brownie, pick effectively the exact same team that's failed to fire for the last however many weeks. Brilliant.
Only the warriors ! You still get picked if you play like shit the week before! The difference between the top sides and the bottom sides ! 😡