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Sea Eagles
44 4 Pines Park
04 Jun 2022 21:35
80th minute

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There’s always next year.
Im with them til the. DB Bitter end.

I"ll continue to watch because I believe they have the personel to win games. They are just in a massive hole and cant get out of it. Its quicksand the harder they try the faster they sink.

I dont think they gave up Manly were very dominant and went 38 mins before an error. They were catching us with offloads for huge runs. And everything was sticking. When we got parity in second half was a bit better.. We had chances (like every other week) Just didnt ice any.

I disagree with the Murchie being disappointing. He's been doing his best given the supporting cast issies around him.

Why do you think they went 38min without an error?

1. Ref is blind
2. We applied no pressure to force an error
3. All the above
Why do you think they went 38min without an error?
Couple of reasons. First up they made metres at will we got penalised plenty which gave them field position so didnt actually have to come off their line for a full set so we didnt get the opportunity to force any pressure (ours and refs fault)
We didnt get opportunity with the ball after Bunty went off. We did a lot of hustle in the time he was in the bin. and it took a toll on our attack.

Shaun Johnson could have definitely tanked. But why? If Brown goes is he going to start play accodingly and with the skillset and temprement that is required as a 7? Then we start winning?

That sounds like he'd be cutting his nose off despite his face. Sacrificing a year of finals footy to get Brown out. It would be a dumb thing to do.
It won't last forever, eventually a chimpanzee at a typewriter will randomly type out Shakespeare.... The stars will align and we - through a fluke of recruitment and/or coaching we will dominate these Aussies, cheating refs or not....

Just hope it happens within my lifetime!
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