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Sea Eagles
44 4 Pines Park
04 Jun 2022 21:35
80th minute

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We are the worst team in the NRL bulldogs/tigers/titans are all better than us and have more upside

Shaun Johnson is here for retirement he'll talk about how much he loves the club and fans will eat it up and forget his level of play he is not playing to the level expected of someone in Year 11 he needs to be dropped asap

Brown has got to go was never a good idea to sign a coach whose record is worse than the current clearly has lost the playing group looks like a nice person which is why he seems to rank high in those coaching polls but isn't a good coach

Dire times for the club and returning to NZ won't fix things
Shaun Johnson needs to go, I'm a big fan but he's not playing like a senior half, or even a 1st grade half, hes collecting a pay cheque.
Chanel Harris-Tavita can fuck off with him, his basic D is horrible and his attack is non existent.
Our forward packs soft, would love to see Jazz put the blame on anyone after his effort on the goal line on D.
Aitken was shit.
The state of the club is summed up when your best players are Montoya and Pompey.
If we don't win another game this season, I'll put a $1k bar tab on at some bar close-ish to Mt Smart after the season ends. (maybe Zookeepers, Good Home, or even Epic - which I love).

Fans need to get something back too.