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Moreton Daily Stadium
28 May 2022 05:00PM

# Player Player #
1 R.Walsh K.Ponga 1
2 D.Watene-Zelezniak E.Lee 2
3 V.Vailea D.Gagai 3
4 A.Pompey E.Tuala 4
5 M.Montoya D.Young 5
6 C.Harris-Tavita A.Milford 6
7 S.Johnson J.Clifford 7
8 B.Murdoch-Masila D.Klemmer 8
9 F.Lussick C.Randall 9
10 J.Tevaga D.Saifiti 10
11 E.Aitken T.Frizell 11
12 T.Harris L.Fitzgibbon 12
13 J.Murchie M.Barnett 13
14 T.Otukolo P.Crossland 14
15 A.Pene J.Saifiti 15
16 B.Afoa L.Thompson 16
17 E.Katoa M.Croker 17
21 D.Lui S.Sasagi 18

No changes to the day before team. Lui and Arthurs on extended bench.
These are the sorts of games if you were a good team you could afford to blood the likes of Ratuva and not play Arthars instead keep Viliami on.

But the reality is we need to win 9/13, we cannot afford to have edge defense carry on like this with Villiami making only 60% of his tackles and making bad reads in defense. I think hes a huge talent for our future, but Arthars has significantly better defense (90%).

I hope Brown rotates Darcy and Otukolo like Bellamy does Wombat and Harry in the storms dummy half role. Leaving them both with plenty of juice going into the back 1/4 of the game catching players offside or not marking. Which should create a steam roller effect down field.
with our smaller pack hopefully we use that to our advantage. Knights pack is big but not that mobile. If we run in numbers, players in motion use the ball, offloads etc we’ll win. Chanel Harris-Tavita and Johnson have worked well together so having him back is a big boost. If we run one out and try match there forward pack we’re getting rolled
Yeah the Tigers 05 broke the mould having fast mobile forwards.

For some reason it never caught on. But basically their game was based on foot speed.

Cowboys are using it to good effect. And who happens to be the coach? Oh the prop from that Tigers 05 team.
I’d love someone to show Bunty some old ‘hit and spin’ footage. His meterage and post contact numbers would improve if he just had the ability to change direction at or before the line. Just needs to vary his runs to offer up more of a threat.
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FML some posters make me laugh “I’m a day oner, watched since whenever and never missed a game - but now im not so sure / not going to watch anymore - “sorry!”

Not sure why folks see the need to announce their pending absence lol - just fk off - what are you wanting us to plead you to stay lol?!?

Save us the read, save your thumbs the trouble and move on, no need to announce your pending exit, nobodies taking tally for our safety - just quietly exit stge left or better still, just Fk off!
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