General Ropati Signs A 1 Year Extension - Out For Rest Of 2012 Season

Warriors centre Jerome Ropati is set to become the second longest serving player in the club's history after signing a new one year contract through to the 2013 season.

The new deal means Ropati will now draw level with Awen Guttenbeil as an 11th season Warriors players with only Stacey Jones, who played 12 seasons at Mt Smart Stadium, ahead of him.

Ropati, who will play at fullback this weekend against the Roosters, made his NRL debut against the Roosters in 2003.


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I'd also like to add that this was never a foregone conclusion - in fact at one stage it appeared that no extension would be forthcoming.
Im all good with this. He will be a good back to have and a good person to have around the club while playing and after he retires. I know he has been studying at AUT in Akoranga. Anyone know what he was studying? I guess the job that will magically appear will be something to do with his studies?
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Hey mixmasterreece just curious to know, are your tweets on the matter opinion based or do you have a bit more insight so to speak?
Thanks bro. I wonder what's happened to Patu. She was also blessed with a bit more insight on all things Ropo.
Yeah i was wondering the Same, Patu changed me from a self confessed Ropo hater to an all round more balanced person lol
More good news coming from Penrose. Happy with the one year extension. Has he actually said that 2013 will be his final season?
Thats great news, cheers for the inside word Mix. It shows that the club has an eye for the future, that being primarily Hurrell and Nielson. He seems like a well respected bloke around the joint. I just hope there isnt to much arse kissing for him that puts him infront of say Hurrell, even if Hurrell has the better form.
MMR I am surprised that you seem so sure that this is def Jerome's last contract. On radio sport he indicated that he had signed the one year deal with the hope of getting over his injuries and return to form thus enabling him to secure a better contract.


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MMR I am surprised that you seem so sure that this is def Jerome's last contract. On radio sport he indicated that he had signed the one year deal with the hope of getting over his injuries and return to form thus enabling him to secure a better contract.

I've just heard differently. Over time that may prove to be wrong, but as it currently stands the discussions centred around this most likely being Jerome's last playing contract with the club.
Warriors veteran Jerome Ropati has re-signed with the club for another year.
The 27-year-old will become an eleven-season Warrior in 2013 and the second longest-serving in history, joining Awen Guttenbeil behind Stacey Jones.
Ropati's manager Bruce Sharrock said yesterday his preference was always to stay in Auckland.
"He's been there for 10 years now and all things being equal, he'd like to see his career out at the club," Sharrock said.
Ropati has played 137 NRL games and 11 tests.
The announcement comes hot on the heels of the club's confirmation Melbourne Storm and Queensland Origin star Dane Nielsen would join the Warriors in 2013.
"I'm more than happy to sign for just one season. It's a fair way for both parties and I'm confident my form this year and next will warrant a further extension," he said.
"I really appreciate the great support he Vodafone Warriors have given me throughout my career. This is the only club I want to play for.
"My focus right now is on doing the best I can each week this season. I've had some injury setbacks and I'm driven to get back to playing as much football as I can.
"I love it here. This is home for me. It's great being among the boys, the coaching staff and seeing all the young players coming through our system. I'd like to help as much as I can with the young boys.
Vodafone Warriors head coach Brian McClennan, who also worked with Ropati in the Kiwis, can't say enough about his value to the team and the club.
"Jerome's experience and versatility are so important for us," he said.
"With so many young players coming through into our NRL side, we need good people like Jerome to mentor them and help us with our culture.
"He's such a terrific person to have around the team and the club and it's great to have playing on for another season and hopefully beyond that as well.
Ropati started his career with a one-off appearance late in the 2003 season, going on to make his Kiwi debut in 2005 and being a key figure in the Kiwis' 2008 Rugby League World Cup success.
After a serious knee injury ended his campaign just three rounds into the 2011 NRL season he has made a full return this year, starting out in the centres but being moved to fullback for his last two appearances against South Sydney and Brisbane.
With two tries this season, Ropati is one of only six players to score more than 50 tries for the Vodafone Warriors.

Think Jro is a realist and will take the one year deal and see if his form over next year warrents another extension
The way I see it is this 1 year extension is almost like a trial basis as he has been through a lot of injuries. I'm guessing the management would like to see if his body is still up for it, and able to string a hand full of games together before handing out a 2-3 year contract.

Any ways great news, hopefully he has better luck with injures from here on out.
It's only if he wants it, but he's extremely well respected at the club in terms of mentoring and his off field abilities.

Yeah, he seems pretty on point in regards to interacting with fans and any player that's asked seems to paint a picture of him being really helpful. In spite of my hatred of him after his games for us in the centres this year, I do hope to regains his mojo while at fullback. He seems like a genuinely nice bloke, so it would be good to see him do well again.

Any idea if it's confidence or if his knee is impacting his ability to defend? lol
Good with this.

Needed for backup and his knowledge, same kind of thing to be rolled into an off field position. Stoked that he's been working on his game still. Just can't see him starting next year.



He states here that he wants to play centre and believes it's his number one position. I hope he is picked purely on form and not some misguided sense of loyalty or for the experience factor.
I would buy into his experience being a good thing if that experience was of being a top quality centre and rock solid professional... but anyone who thinks his performances at centre have been anything other than mediocre are kidding themselves.
His reads and hands are poor when playing in the centres, we all know this, so how this experience can be of a great deal of benefit is not apparent to me.

This season I think Benry has been our best centre by some distance, Neilsen is the quality buy and Hurrell the potential superstar... Ropati needs to get a spot on merit, not longevity.
Probably in the minority here, but I'm not really sure about this, happy if he's just injury cover but would prefer Nielsen, Hurrell or even Benry in the centres. Unless of course Jerome has a miraculous turn around and dominates that centre position for us.

Also still think Inu has something to offer the club whether that be playing centre or wing, but he's fallen out of favour for a reason and there is a few people ahead of him now.
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