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04 Apr 2021 20:15
80th minute

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Gameday thread for Warriors games. Post your thoughts/discussion/news as the day and game unfolds. Scores/Stats update every 5mins during the game.

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1st Grade Fringe
May 20, 2019
This has been a weekend of cricket scores, let's hope we are on the right side at the SCG.

Warriors to win 22 18
Fusitua to score his first try
A F Blake Man of the match

Let's gone people!!!! Happy Easter! hope you are all enjoying the long weekend.

PNG Kiwi

1st Grade Fringe
Apr 11, 2016
Happy Easter Warriors fans, not certain what Easter bunny will bring us, just hope we never give up and grind out a win.

Definitely need Fusitua to find some form, as no team can carry passengers in this competition and good luck to Montoya on his Warriors debut, I hope it goes as well as SOS last week. If we crack this one we will be a top 8 team.


Warriors 1st Grader
May 7, 2012
Our guys cannot afford to do what they did last week, and that is to expect a weaker Roosters side, coast for the first half in defence and try run it down with that massive second half surge that Brown and POS have created with this mega bench non stop forwards rolling machine.

RTS admitted in the post game that when Canberra lost so many players, they were sitting back expecting to 'get them later in the game'....

Typical Warriors mental weakness.

A lot of our defensive issues are being caused by slow reaction time. Guys barely comming off the ten meter line in time to meet the runner at or near the advantage line, last week that let the Raiders destroy our try line defence, and otherwise break through our wonky line.

No prizes for guesing what the Warriors have been working on hardest in this weeks training. They are fitter than most, the Covid bubble creates that....this is our year.....well at least one of our years...maybe not thee year.

I am expecting the Roosters to be at least as dangerous as the Warriors B side that rolled the Dragons after the stupid six were suspended way back be at least as dangerous as every NRL team that loses a half on the eve of playing us then the replacement has a MOM performance.

Simple game plan as always, completions completions completions, baby POS to kick us into extra sets, pound them relentlessly, support the offloads which should appear when we are in the Roosters half of the field.

And tackle boys.
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Warriors 1st Grader
May 19, 2012
This should be a good test of where we are this year to date. This is not a weak Roosters team inspite of their injured list. With Trent Robinson as their coach they will be well drilled and prepared.

They have superior outside backs, particularly with Ken and Fusitua playing injured or uninterested and our second choice centres. We have an edge in the halves and I'm expecting Kodi to be the difference there. But this game will come down to what most games do. It will be won in the forwards and with defence.

If we can get our fair share of possession, utilize our legitimate Warriors big pack and not leak points on our edges we should come away with the 2 points. I think that last point will be the biggest if. With the speed and experience the Roosters have out wide and with Teddy chiming in from the back it could be a tough day at the office for Fusitua, Pompey, Kodi, SOS, Monty and Ken.

I've gone Warriors 1-12 but don't be surprised if it turns out to be a Roosters ambush.

Genuinely excited to watch this game, should be a cracker!
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