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Jun 20, 2017
Hypothetically, do you think if he played any of the last 7 games we would have scraped into the finals?

He is a massive defensive upgrade over Walsh, and we probably would have been ahead comfortably against the Broncos.
There is no doubting Roger Tuivasa-Sheck defensive capabilities, but you could also ask would he had created the scoring / attacking opportunities that RW offers?


1st Grade Fringe
May 20, 2019
Not automatic, at FB you have Barret and McKenzie, also others like Trask, Wing Reece, Jordan Ione and Bridge, also The Tasman Wing whose name escapes me. His lack of a kicking game will hinder him.i
He will play centre bro
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Jul 12, 2013
Haven’t Auckland, Counties and North Harbour had to pull out of the NPC?
Be a tough ask for Roger Tuivasa-Sheck to go straight into super Rugby
When I posted about it I had just read an article about the 3 unions trying to sort out what they could do. The comments had a few people mention Roger Tuivasa-Sheck which got me thinking about the decision he made and how things have worked out.

I thought the update was updated but the comments are different. Looks like they are out. The original article was about the unions financial position with being stuck unable to play.


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