Internationals RLWC 2013 Injury thread.

Thomas Leuiluai rested V Cook Islands ( Hamstring )

Krisnan Inu ( hobbled off V CooK Islands this morning (injury unknown )

Jiosh Hoffman ( clucthing Left shoulder at full time (* Mouthed my #@**** shoulder is Sore )

Few players strapped up , Kasiano playing with a heavily strapped Left Knee ( everything is heavily with that monster lol )

Johnson has the Kinesio taped right Knee
Good call to look at our other options in England. Lancy retired.

Rangi Chase England LOL But if it gets Serious Aaron Heremaia might be still over there ( Luke to the halves wot else can you do if we lost two halves ).[DOUBLEPOST=1382612004][/DOUBLEPOST]Actually screw all that we've got SuperBW

Stand off relax folks he's got this covered.

Damn did Lance retire? He only turned 30 this year right?[DOUBLEPOST=1382612224][/DOUBLEPOST]
If you ask any St Helens fan they will tell you that Hohaia's form has been woeful. Dont think he would have had a chance of making the squad TBH...

This is an article from September 18..........BBC Sport

New Zealand international Hohaia scored one of eight tries as Nathan Brown's side eased past Hull KR in their first play-off tie, while Leeds were beaten at Warrington.

Brown has admitted that he was unsure of how best to utilise the 2008 World Cup in the early part of the season, but the former Huddersfield coach believes Hohaia has been close to his best form in recent matches when paired with Jon Wilkin at half-back.

"He's a unique player in that there are lots of positions he can play and I don't think I was using him in the best manner to suit him," said Brown. "His form has been super lately and I think the style of play probably suits him better.

"When a player of Lance's capabilities isn't playing so well, it's not always the player's fault and it's not always the coach's fault. There can be a number of reasons that can cause that.

"In Lance's case - injuries, not quite the right style, maybe a lack of confidence - a combination of everything went against him.

"To his credit, he trained hard and was great around the squad when he wasn't playing. Now he's come back in, his body is fully fit and he's playing terrific."
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I havent watched him play since he left the Warriors so have no place to comment but his utility value would have been nice if anything had happened to our first choice spine players...would you rather have Taylor or Lance at hooker??
I havent watched him play since he left the Warriors so have no place to comment but his utility value would have been nice if anything had happened to our first choice spine players...would you rather have Taylor or Lance at hooker??
I watched one of his games , he was alright in that game. The Hobbit in black and White off the bench one more time would be nostalgic in a good way.
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Actually watched that game in the article and straight he scored he dropped the ball a couple of times. Know 2 St. Helens fans who collect jerseys who are filthy on him. Had huge props going to the club being an International and NRL Grand Finalist but he hasnt gone well there at all...
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Jayson Bukuya broke a finger against Ireland. Nothing sticky tape cant fix...

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Good news for Leuluai , in real terms that Injury has been worse than expected , rested for games has dragged on to a half hour attempt at training.


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Hope Glen Fisi'iahi is okay? Limped off around the 72 minute mark. Was a cramp initially but then he wouldnt have gone off if it was just that...


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Kiwis' Manu Vatuvei the only man in doubt
Last updated 07:08 18/11/2013

INJURED: Kiwis star Manu Vatuvei.

Kiwis wing Manu Vatuvei remains the only player under an injury cloud for the weekend's Rugby League World Cup semifinal against England at Wembley Stadium.

Vatuvei, who has been nursing a sore knee for all of the tournament, strained his groin in Saturday's win over Scotland in Leeds and he remains in doubt for the upcoming game.

Kiwis manager, Tony Iro, says Sonny Bill Williams is showing no concerns from the neck injury he picked up against Scotland, which resulted in him sitting out all of the second half and has been given the all clear to play.

"There are still a few bumps and bruises and we're not going to have a field session until Tuesday," Iro said.

"Sonny Bill moved reasonably freely in the pool on Saturday in recovery, so he looks pretty good, they all got through the session OK.

"The one who we need to give a bit of time to is Manu, but that's probably going to be a day-by-day proposition at the moment and the medical staff aren't going to rush him.

"They (the medical team) will give him a couple of days off and then see how he goes on Tuesday and we'll take it from there.

"He is the one with the question mark at the moment, but I'd say everyone else will be available."

If Vatuvei is unavailable to play England Jason Nightingale, who would probably consider himself unlucky not to have played in the past couple of weeks anyway, will slot straight into the team.

However, it's by no means a given at this stage that Vatuvei is out.

"It is a slight groin strain from what I understand, but he did say he was feeling better today," he said.

"We will do a bit of a mobility stretch session with the whole team tomorrow and we'll see how he is after that."

One thing that's for certain though is that the Kiwis won't be asking tournament organisers if they can give him prednisone, the synthetic steroid they wanted to give to Thomas Leuluai that the UK Anti Doping agency banned them from using.

Leuluai had a sore groin for the first four weeks of the tour and the Kiwis wanted him to take prednisone to help his recovery, but were blocked in doing so.

Although they appealed to Drugs Free Sport NZ, the matter became irrelevant when Leuluai had to quit after playing for just three minutes against Papua New Guinea.

"This is a totally different injury," Iro said.

"Obviously the stuff with Thomas was a course of action that's regularly used in New Zealand, but that's the way the authorities have used it here, so we won't be going down that track with Manu."

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