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Got a computer that is running xp home ed that we want to reformat. Its about 4 yrs old and the company who made it (nz owned pc company ltd) has gone belly up.

When the recovery disc that was supplied by the 'pc company' was used in the reformat an error message came up saying there was a corrupt file/s on the recovery disc.

So what i need to know is, can i use one of the other xp home ed discs i have ( 1 asus l/top,, 1 acer l/top, and a hp desktop) in this 'pc company' computer.

i have the keys for these discs.

how do i get rid of the old and install the new

can it actually be done or do we look for another 'pc company' recovery disc that is clean/complete ?



First off is the XP on a partition on the hard drive or is it on a disk?

Second, are you trying to perform a hard reformat or soft a hard reformate you'll lose the everything. A soft one just returns the operating system to default.

Thirdly are you trying to use a restart point?


1- on a disk... which is corrupt and we didnt find that out till we tried a reformat

2- hard preferably

3- because of the corrupt disc, system restore has gone. its greyed out along with standby option whenb shutting down. some features of xp are missing.


Ozbash when your CPU boots up, something comes up on the screen either saying press F12, F2, F3, F1 to access BIOS,

Get into Bios. There should be something that tells you the order things boot up, make sure that CD/DVD Drive is selected as first.

Then put the CD in. Then restart your CPU. The HP ones will definately not work, the ASUS or ACER ones might. Then there should be something coming up like "Press any key to boot from CD". So press any key.

Then setup Windows XP from there, keep reading the instructions and proceeding and when you get to selecting the hard drive, select the C drive and quite NTFS format. Then install and it should format and install the new XP.

If that all fails, PM me your addy and I will send you a copy of Windows XP Pro/Home CD and that should work.

da mad maori

Well if all that fails Oz, I suggest you take a look under the bonnet. To the left you will find the manifold.......oh sorry, thats fixes something else......

Anyhow, my dorta left me her computer which also is XP whatever. Got the man around to tune it all and wham-bam...sweet-as. Got a printer here yet to hook up, and a scanner. By the time I reach 90 yrs old I should be an expert.


thanks mosh, i think your explanation has been saved on file for when my able assistant attacks it. will let you know how she gets on.

cheers DMM, do you think you could ask the man to call into te puke next time hes passing. even if he cant fix the computer he can still tell me what secrets you got stashed away on yours :)

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