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Steve Clarke

Leaguenut what are the stats with him
Whenever he refs our "first game of the season" he does a hammy.
We gotta watch out around the play-da-ball. He's got a hate for hands on player playing the ball.
him and toopi have history. toops usually comes off 2nd best.
Steve Clarke

Leaguenut what are the stats with him
Look it up yourself you lazy bugger! :p
Click here for all the Warriors stats you will ever need!

But because you asked so nicely ...

Warriors vs Steve Clark

Overall - Played 14, Won 6, Drawn 1, Lost 7

At Ericsson - Played 7, Won 4, Lost 3

Last four Steve Clark games:

Rd 13 2005 - Warriors 18 Dragons 32 at WIN Stadium
Rd 17 2004 - Warriors 20 Eels 10 at Ericsson
Rd 9 2004 - Warriors 8 Cowboys 16 at Dairy Farmers
Rd 6 2004 - Warriors 18 Bulldogs 24 at Westpac Stadium

Warriors vs Melbourne with Steve Clark:

Rd 21 2003 - Warriors 12 Melbourne 14 at Ericsson
Rd 7 2002 - Warriors 20 Melbourne 10 at Ericsson

My biggest worry is that out of all the referees running around at the moment, he is the one most likely to cause frustration for the players with some of his interpretations.

Although if that happens, I reckon Steve Price would be much better at dealing with it than David Kidwell. :shock:
nothing wrong with the tanned one at Ericsson warriors4life..

All the refs in Rd 1 will be trying very hard to be number 1, Clark should go well.
so long as the game is not decided by a bad call I won't mind. and yeah its round 1 all the refs should be on top of their game and firing just like our boyz will be
We will wait and see.
As LeagueNut said ole Kidwell should have a fine time with him.
Well, as long as we win, I don`t care WHO refs... remember, it`s not how you play the game that counts, it`s all about winning!! :lol: :wink:
JonB said:
We should be good enough to win regardless of the referee.

Agreed but sometimes the calls are just plain wrong especially when it comes to the Warriors
I want to see how Clarke interprets the new handling of the hands in the face rule. Blew up a storm in the Charity Shield game
Kidwell asks refs to keep their head on new laws
08 March 2006

SYDNEY: Kiwis second rower David Kidwell has pleaded for referees to show restraint as new tackle laws banning contract with the head or neck come into force on the National Rugby League's (NRL) opening weekend.

Kidwell, who has been chosen from the Storm's six-man leadership group to captain the side against the New Zealand Warriors in Auckland on Sunday, fears the opening round of the competition could degenerate into a "penalty-a-thon" as officials enforce the new policies aimed at curbing head injuries.

The measures were introduced after teams, particularly the Storm, employed a "grapple" tackle around the head to slow the attacker's play-the-ball last season.

"I think there has to be a bit of leniency," Kidwell said.

"Obviously tackles that are blatantly around the head and neck should be penalised, but the marginal ones, in my opinion, should be left alone.

"Both the Warriors and Storm are attacking teams who like to use the ball and hopefully the flow of the game isn't ruined by a heap of penalties," the Christchurch-born enforcer told The Age newspaper in Melbourne.

"I guess all we're looking for is consistency and hopefully there is some common sense shown."

AdvertisementAdvertisementReferee Steve Clark, who will control Sunday's match, led the NRL's crackdown on grapple tackles during pre-season trials and awarded a string of penalties during Storm's hitout against Parramatta last month.

After that game Storm coach Craig Bellamy expressed fears the game would become "like rugby union" if mounting penalty counts became the norm.

Clark's appointment will present an added challenge for Kidwell, who will captain Storm for the first time against the Warriors.

The pair were involved in a heated exchange in their match at Cronulla last year, which ended with the fiery forward sinbinned for dissent.

"After that Cronulla incident I turned the corner in terms of my discipline and I don't think Steve has held a grudge," Kidwell said.

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