Wouldn't it only be fair if we provided the Raiders compensation too?
I don't follow the Raiders but was CNK in their plans moving forward? With some of the young talent they have there I would guess not...so it likely means they free up a bit of money which isn't the worst thing in the world for them.

Reecey boy was always in our plans and if another team wants to take him, surely were compensated for this. If not, management have a lot to answer for imo
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If Volkman and Shaun Johnson are the halves next year, who plays FB? CNK or Metcalfe?

To be honest, I don't know but I hope we're going to start building some consistency.

In the last 18 months we've had Roger Tuivasa-Sheck, Walsh, Chanel Harris-Tavita, Shaun Johnson, Nikorima, Taylor, Volkman, Townsend, Asi, O'Sullivan.

That's a sorry sight - we can't build any momentum or consistency when our key positions are always up in the air.

Hopefully we've settled on Volkman now and then sign a fullback long-term, that will give us some consistency moving forward with the other half being a Shaun Johnson/Metcalf combo until Shaun Johnson retires. I would sign Asi as 4th half now, which helps build into some of the consistency so we're not signing another 4th half for next year, then signing ANOTHER half at the end of the year as SJs replacement

For what it's worth, id look at Drinkwater, TMM and Daine Laurie as long term fb options
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He’s a bit of cu**, always felt like he was taking his for ride and thinks he’s better than what he actually is. He’s good but he ain’t that fucking good.

Fuck him but dumb from our club to pay 600k to some project baby only to give him back when he’s got his best years coming up. Not much brains at this place especially when you think of all the great ex warriors players killing it for other clubs who wanted to stay for bargain prices but we never pursued.

Bet it feels nice brining CNK back triple on what we could have had him for. Fucking retard club

I think you're being a bit harsh on him, he's a kid, and want's to be close to his baby. I can't beat up on a guy because of that. Seems poorly managed to me. Walsh was always going to leave, might as well be earlier rather than later while we suck.

CNK wouldn't still be on minimum wage if he stayed here... He got paid with the rise of his game. He's reportedly on $300k at the Raiders (good value), he wouldn't be on anymore than that here following injuries and his situation.


Rippin' and a Tearin'
I imagine it would be tricky and probably not worthwhile faking someone having Covid... but does it not seem quite fortuitous that Reece didn't end up playing the home game at Mt Smart?

Kind of like, don't bring your hot girlfriend to meet the parents if you're going to break up with her next week.
All the best to the young lad.

He's making the correct decision for his daughter and if any of us can find fault in that then we need to take a good, hard look in the mirror
I don't hold any ill feeling towards him but, if, he's created the issue that has meant he's bailing early then he needs to look in the mirror himself. I realise he's only 19 but he's definitely shown a lack of maturity in the last 10 months. Maybe some of that falls back on the club


This year yet?
Disappointed in him,can’t really pull the ‘Homesick’ card if you haven’t left home. But do get not wanting to leave a daughter behind, it’s just the blatant lies about staying feel like we’ve been used. As Walsh currently is I’m not too upset at loosing him but he has a lot of future promise that I’m not sure he would have fulfilled anyway. Off field stuff also has the potential to have caused us a headache in future years and I’m not convinced he’s shed that stuff just yet.
Saw a cryptic message from Buzz about there being plenty of bad blood with Redcliffe?

Reece Walsh to leave Warriors in bombshell Broncos move: Report​

Andrew McMurtry
New Zealand Warriors star Reece Walsh is reportedly set to sign with the Brisbane Broncos after it was revealed that Canberra fullback Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad signed with the Warriors.
The Daily Telegraphreported Walsh would quit the Warriors at the end of the season and link with the team he previously left to kick off his NRL career.

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The 19-year-old Walsh has hit the ground running, proving to be one of the most exciting young stars in the competition.

Broncos coach Kevin Walters revealed he “didn’t want him to go” as he didn’t believe he was quite ready for first grade.

“We knew he was talented but I wanted him to play a few more games in Intrust Cup (reserve grade),” he said in 2021.

In just his second season in the NRL, Walsh is already in Origin calculations and has been in the squads in both seasons, although he has yet to debut with the likes of Kalyn Ponga in front of him.

He was even selected at fullback for State of Origin II in 2021 but withdrew after suffering a hamstring injury in training.

Walsh reportedly has another season left in his Warriors contract and an option in his favour for 2024.


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But arguably the most interesting part of the story is that the Broncos are firming as the location for Walsh, rather than the Dolphins.

Walsh has long been linked to an early exit from New Zealand and potential move to be a marquee player for the Dolphins.

On NRL 360, Paul Kent said the Dolphins were not out of the reckoning as yet.

“It’s not over yet, he has not signed, he has not agreed to any terms as yet,” Kent said.

Paul Crawley said it was “a massive win for the Broncos against the Dolphins”.

“He is a player the Dolphins wanted and wanted badly,” he added. “If he goes to the Broncos, it’s a huge win for them as a club because that’s a pivotal position they need to strengthen.”

Reece Walsh is reportedly heading back to Brisbane. Photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images

Reece Walsh is reportedly heading back to Brisbane. Photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images
Kent also floated a “conspiracy theory”, hinting that it was “astute to leak just before he signs and commits to the Broncos since the Dolphins are so heavy after him and they can’t afford to lose him”.

Fox League’s James Hooper replied: “Wayne has got to sharpen the pencil, they have got to come back in and whenever it takes to try and get this kid over the line.

“Because in terms of key positions players, that is one area where they are lacking.”

Braith Anasta said he expected an 11th hour bidding war as the Dolphins fight for the signature.

“The rumours were around that Reece wouldn’t go to New Zealand, he wouldn’t travel and he was going to leave,” NRL 360 host Braith Anasta said.

“The was murmurs around that he wasn’t going to go to Brisbane, he was going to the Dolphins.

“The Dolphins were desperate for him, you have just spoken to officials at Brisbane, it is not official that he has signed yet, I am sure at the eleventh hour the Dolphins will come in hard for Reece again.

“This may not be over.”

But Crawley asked: “He’s a very good player, but is he a $1 million player? How much do you pay for a guy like him? Because whatever it takes can really screw up your salary cap.”

Hooper said the Dolphins could play $100,000-$150,000 more than the Broncos.

Anasta added this may be the Dolphins’ biggest signing miss as well, despite missing Harry Grant, Brandon Smith, Kalyn Ponga, Reed Mahoney, Ryan Matterson and seemingly Cameron Munster.

“If the Dolphins miss Reece, this is their biggest miss, this is the one they wanted the most, I believe it is the one they wanted the most,” Anasta said.

What will it mean for Selwyn Cobbo? Photo by Kelly Defina/Getty Images

What will it mean for Selwyn Cobbo? Photo by Kelly Defina/Getty Images
The move also raises questions over Selwyn Cobbo, the young Origin winger who is expected to become a fullback in the future.

Kent said there was potential Walsh could move into the No. 6 jersey.

“All the good fulbacks started as wingers at some points, Anthony Minichello, Roger Tuivasa-Sheck,” Kent said.

“They haven’t bought these two quality players to play the same position, there will be a plan there, certainly the Broncos will have a plan.

“This all fresh, so we are still digesting it, but the Broncos are not spending top dollar to get two blokes and let them fight it out.”

Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad is set to replace Walsh. Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad is set to replace Walsh. Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images
The news comes after Raiders star and New Zealand international fullback Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad was revealed to be heading to the Warriors, reportedly in order to be closer to his family.

Nicoll-Klokstad has played 12 matches this season but the rise of young fullback Xavier Savage appears to be nailing down the position in Canberra.
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