Right now, the main thing about Reece that I feel is loyalty, the rumours were out of control, effecting the trust of the players.

I saw a newshub piece with him putting everybody in their place.

I wouldnt call them sharks or poachers, more like verbal vultures.

Well done Reece. We will look after you in NZ and you will love it !
lol when your own teams 5/8th intimidates one of the NRL's most exciting offensive players, you know you do not need to hide him in the line lol (posted at time of question)



That would not be how Id do it but, Id want ALL of the NRL including Fox NRL Media. Kayo for sure, cheaper to eh. Plus so much more. They did get one sport pulled recently, dang forget what, but SO much to watch on Kayo (which is Fox owned)
My biggest issue with Fox, apart from their treachery over Russia, and shafting our game, is their policy of employing dickheads.


As someone who is a die hard F1 fan please god no not British Sky Sports

Hearing Crofty dribble on about the red button and Sky Glass customers makes me want to watch the coverage in Dutch, and I don't speak a word of it. 😂
The Murdoch family:rolleyes:...not joking ladies and jellybeans, they are not a funny family.
Wonder how Walsh feels about not even being in the discussion for origin this year and some of his ex team mates debuting ahead of him.

Thoughts with Curran as well. Injuries fucked him but I doubt he would of got a look in plying for us as well

He should have been nowhere near that team last year - a desperate act from a flailing coach.

It was a blessing he was unable to play - he would have been absolutely monstered.

What is most interesting though is that if he was anywhere near close you know Billy Slater would want to spend some time with him.
One thing I've noticed about Walsh... he's TINY....
They all are these days Bro.

Keep in mind our FB and our Hooker are both originally half backs as of a couple years back. I personally think its unrealistic.. Id love a FB who comes in from u20 as a FB. There is just too much to learn on the job in FG.

But what I like about Walsh is he is a tough bugga. He might not be big but he doesnt back down. Reminds me a bit of Matt Ridge when he started at Manly. All wirey rather than mussed up.
I hope Walshy coms around on the D, and hopefully with some positive changes at the club he turns his offensive slide around.

I have faith in him, unlike a lot of other players he has shown some ethics, some morals, he sees NZ a growth oppurtunity. I say good for him,

If we treat him right, I reeckon h might be mature quite young and will treat us right.

The other thing that I see, Brown is drastically lacking in the ability to get this teams intensity up for games. They simply dont turn up emotively. But guys like Walsh, Vailea, Metcalf, Egan and even Shaun Johnson, they can be change agents in the team, he could gt a lot out of that bunch to start getting bye. in. I think he might be with us 25 onward depending how things go.