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Aug 12, 2013
The Kepu's have both been named in Q Cup this weekend


1st Grade Fringe
Nov 24, 2020
Glad they’re getting a run with the big fellas, I’m excited to see Zyon and Jacob hopefully get a run for these guys nek year. From what I’ve heard (not credible) Jacob is a gun, can run a line and is quick for a back rower (much like myself for the east coast bays barracudas back in te ra) Both are 17 now, forgot what age you leave school in nz. They finish at 17 in Western Australia, will they also be done at the end of this year in NZ? Would love for them to get a consistent run with the dolphins nek year


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Apr 23, 2012
Who are the Kepu brothers? I’ve never heard of them.
I do recall Diesel Kepu, ex Mt Albert hooker from back in the day.
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