General Redcliffe Dolphins/Warriors

Phins 22-16 at full-time.

It should be asked, will Warriors players bother staying on to play through the rest of the finals or return home to Auckland with everyone else?
The likes of Pettersen-Robati, Frei & Asi don't call Auckland home & are without contracts in 2023 so I'd imagine they play throughout. Personally I'd also like Kosi & Berry to head back across to them & play in a fortnight
1. Will Cahill 2. William Dobson 3. Jack Aiken 4. Ali Leiataua 5. Marcus Spence 6. Connor Williams 7.Cody Hunter 8. Otukinekina Kepu 9. Taniela Otukolo 10. Lleyton Finau 11. Sione Kivalu 12. Jacob Laban 13. Chayse Cavanagh 15. Bailey Morgan 16. Demitric Sifakula 17. Izaac Jackson 18. Valingi Kepu 19.Logan Cox 20. Rhys Timms 21. Zyon Maiu'u 22.Tuhirangi Ratana 23. Blake Dawes

Plenty of future Warriors playing this weekend in the U21 preliminary final.
Only just put it on. First try the Bears score down the Dolphins right and Berry caught out.

Have to love it the commentators caught out the right side Warriors. I bet if it was the Dolphins scoring it would be the right side of the Dolphins worked well then.

Slip of the tongue I know but it's not like the team is all Warriors players. By the sound of it some of our guys have struggled to get time.