Post Match Rd 17: Rabbitohs Beat Warriors 30-13

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01 Jan 1970 12:00

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Inflated scoreline and disappointing loss.

Who was your MoM?
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I understood Locke wasn't too healthy during the week..maybe should have stayed home ..but that 2nd was right up there with are worst Attack wise of the season just looked real tired long trip took it's toll hard to believe after that 2nd Qtr
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3# Gubb - outstanding debut,huge motor...puts Packers efforts to shame
2# Laumape - must be close to rookie NRL back of year
1# Hurrell - the new beast,still not getting enough early ball for my liking

HM Friend,Matulino,Lillyman,Fish,Leuluai

I simply cannot understand Elliots use of the bench...running a 3 man bench is puzzling you can see the boys running out of steam, and it gonna burn our forward pack out when we need them the most come finals time, also Lowrie getting way to many mins, he is rubbish

Kevin Locke you need to wake up boy, you have been a disgrace on your return....Fish for fullback
Proud of the first half effort, second half seemed like our fitness just could not stand up to a well disciplined team like Souths.
First half we had Burgess and GI flustered and they made the mistakes, second half they regained their composure.
Great game but disappointing finish you just cant make those sort of mistakes with the number one team.
Hurrell MOM. He scores tries no one else can possibly do.

Johnson looked great in the first half when we were rolling forward. As I said in the other thread our first half play is fantastic because we have very standard bench usage. In the second Elliot gets a brain aneurism and goes all spastic with the bench. Johnson doesn't know how to kick us out of the rut when our forwards start getting dominated. Seriously, how can Elliot not see the damage that Lowrie is doing to the side? Not playing Peyroux? Why? Gubb went great in the first half - never to be seen again. Baffling usage of the bench. We were actually crushing the Souths forwards until we rolled over and waved the white flag. Then cue Johnson/Locke to make dumb decisions.

Locke has totally lost his fire and needs to go to the Vulcans. Fish to fb and Laumape on the wing.
3- hurrell- powerhouse on attack and brilliant again on defence.
2- laumape- everytime time he plays he's rock solid and runs for 150m. There's gotta be pressure on Locke- it's no secret I thought it was a mistake bringing him straight back- he's been poor.
1- lillyman- all the props were good but ill give him the nod for the way he was leading the defensive line- hammering dudes
The scoreline might tell us a different story but I feel like that effort could have beaten any other team in the competition. Despite the end result, I think if we keep to this level consistently, the Warriors could very well make the top 8.

My MoM
3. Leuluai - as time goes by I'm warming to the idea of a permanent Johnson/Leuluai partnership in the halves
2. Friend - I'm going to miss him so much when he eventually retires
1. Mannering - Good game from the captain