General Rd 13 - Warriors Vs Storm Preview!


Sgt. Pepper

It looks like mixed opinions - I guess we'll see when they fly out to New Zealand?

I'm sure sika trained on monday, so I wouldn't be surprised at all if manu runs out on sunday.

i saw KP and Tohu Harris training in goshes paddock with the club doctor about 2 hours b4 the broncos game as i was walking in both where doing everything asked of them wrestling and running lines...and this was in the i wouldnt be surprised if both can back this week

According to tenSport - New forward Michael Greenfield injured his neck when he was knocked out in a clash of heads in last week's win over Brisbane and will also be out of action this weekend. He had hoped Sika Manu and Kevin Proctor would both be available this week but their recovery from ankle and calf injuries respectively has taken longer than first thought, while Bryan Norrie is also out for at least another week.
The closer to game time the more confident I get, I'm so confident I'm going to bet the garden shed on it- factors contributing to this = Johnson, we definitely missed him in the 1st game and then losing Locke after 7 min. We have a much better pack and bench which is better than the last game with Lillyman being there and no Proctor = Domination.
Everyone knows that melbournes spine is 2nd to none but i think that Duffie, Chambers & Neilsen are very good and in form players but more importantly their coaching staff have always had them playing to their strengths, something i think the warriors are failing in at the moment. My heart says warriors but my head says storm

Storm 22 - 16
Koni FTS
Neilsen MOM
Dam i was close!! I had storm 22 & Koni FTS
Good article from the Herald, Fish is saying he wants to explore wing more

A couple of things about that article:

I'm not superstitious but I'm starting to think that #1 jersey may be cursed. Perhaps we should send Locke out there next week in #21.

Its very concerning to hear Locke is still suffering from the sternum and the cork. Very troubling to hear about bones growing into the muscle.

I'm not too keen on Fish turning out on the wing. As he states, wing defensively is a tough job. Locke, generally has a fairly solid defensive head and he really struggled on the wing, so I'm not sure how a player who appears to be a little uninterested in defence, or at least badly positioned regularly, will go.