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1st Grade Fringe
Nov 3, 2012
Being an 80's kid I never took interest in forward play.
Just the fastest or the magic touch players caught my attention as a kid.
Clayton Friend, Freeman and the Filipaina destruction are my biggest recollections.
Mark Graham and co caught my as I got to senior schoolboy age,but they were at the end of there days.
That's when the emergence of an 18 year freak named Kevin Iro came and that's when the whole game started making sense.


I dream of the blackcaps winning the world cup
Mar 17, 2018
I was fortunate with to be first in the draw and ahead of the curve... finding this time I’m picking up the scraps
Round one is for show
Rounds 3 to 6 are for dough

Lot of water yet to flow under the bridge

You also get a make up by getting to lead round 13. Small make up but a make up of sorts,
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