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May 18, 2012
Give him a break. He's only 22 and making more tackles than half the team put together, playing in the worlds toughest league competition in arguably the toughest position on the field. Micheal Luck was 23 when he came to the Warriors and hit his peak at around 25-27. All Im saying is give the kid a chance. I reckon he's not going too bad and will be an asset in years to come.

He has, for whatever reason, been somewhat disappointing this year....but so have many others.
Elijah has all the attributes of a spectacular league player. IMO his enthusiasm, drive, and stamina are unmatched in this team (o.k maybe by Friend)
All he needs to reach his ultimate potential, along with many others in our team, is a GREAT coach!
We're waiting Owen! :rolleyes:

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