Internationals QLD and NSW State of Origin Teams


Where do you think Greg Bird and Paul Gallen got their nick name "The Bruise brothers" from? Just because they havn't been successful doesn't mean they havn't tried. Its well known, the tactics, i mean. Why do you think Mateo got a City start? They're seriously considering changes their tactics. As they should after 6 record series defeats.
they may have nicknames but that means little when your opponent is 6 inches taller and 10kg heavier. i think mateo got a start because he had an amazing year last year and they hoped he could continue that. do you think the nsw strategy has been to outmuscle qld? if so theyve been picking the wrong players
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yea just read the match report. i expect Lewis to line up 4 NSW but the others are in a bit of trouble.

id have Tariq Sims backing up Lewis

Josh Morris backing up Jennings

NSW dont have a another utility tho to cover Gidley. Maybe Hayne off the bench then

Hinchcliffe from the storm should be there...


Maloney and Carney should be the halves...I reckon they will get the job done...


Sutton who???

Hayne may be playing himself out of a rep jumper, he was woeful last night, looks slow and unfit.

boats n hoes_old

Barba is a Queenslander.

Sutton - S.O.O? Cant see it happening in this lifetime.