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I reckon if we didnt have these two we could have added another 20 points onto the Canberra scorecard. These two absolutely worked their arses off, and unfortunately because of the loss we will never talk about their efforts.

Brent Webb diffused every single bomb with ease, they were difficult ones and I reckon most fullbacks would have dropped some of them especially with the pressure the Raiders had on us. And Webb in the first half got into dummy half and the line and was the only guy to run at a gap with pace. I thought his involvement was spectacular. There just is not a better playmaker in our team than Brent Webb.

Price was outstanding too. I never knew what it feels like to have Mr. Reliable in your team before 2005. But I now know what value he does bring. Whenever Shifcofske, Smith and Croker (their three key players) got the ball Steve Price was there and made effective tackles to a point where you actually felt safe when their key players got the ball. That is what Price brings. The metres he made were extraordinary too 88m alone in the first half and he kept finding holes and was difficult to tackle.

It is disappointing that we have two players of premiership winning quality and we cannot still get the results. These two players in any other teams would have been leading the Goldern Boot charts by now.


Yep they both had great games.
Actually I thought our back 3 were all pretty good, especially under the high ball. Martin also had a much better game with some decent defence.

Don't forget Wiki either, he played his heart out.

No one really had a bad game as such, but it's quite obvious that we lack class playmakers - by that I mean we don't have enough of them. Rovelli made 2 poor last play kicks that went dead with no one in sight. I don't think chopping and changing the halves combo is helping unfortunately.

I know Kav will be crying out again for Webb to play standoff ... but I think he's doing a great job at the back. Like Mosh said, the scoreline could have been much worse without him in the No.1 jersey.

Dissapointing result, but surely we can beat the Rabbits at home?


Cleary needs to crack the whip hard on the players who stood around during the 1st half tonight watching Price and Webb giving 100% throughout the game. Monday morning at 6 a.m. would be a good time to get started, and learning how to tackle hard and hold onto the ball would be 2 good places to begin.


Since 2004, I've wondered every game - where are the next points coming from? How bad is our attack.

You're right, thank god for Webb and Price, but deadset, we need to find something in attack and quick.


and when we are on attack need to hold onto the ball. we could have great halves but they would be useless we hold onto some of the ball.

webb is highly under-rated by a lot of people. he was oustanding in defence tonight and was always busy on attack.

price had yet another brilliant game. making metres every touch with the ball and making some big tackles on defence. him wiki luck and evarn are carrying the forward pack at the moment. the other's simply aren't doing enough to help out


With the exception of Pricey & Wiki and afew of the other players the rest of the team SUX.
The worst of it is that they have the ability 2 KICKASS but laziness,pushin passes,defence (or lack there off) get the better of "em 99% of the the time & if 2nites game against Canberra is a preview of whats to come then we are in for a long season bring on 2007
Warriors will always be my team but they are so fukn frustrating to watch..........
imagin if you were the coach


Wow Mosh, your avatar is amazing! you look JUST like Lance Hohaia!

(sorry.. that was an attempt at humour)


MarkW said:
I know Kav will be crying out again for Webb to play standoff ... but I think he's doing a great job at the back. Like Mosh said, the scoreline could have been much worse without him in the No.1 jersey.

I acknowledge his contribution under the high ball, Mark, but it still didn't result in a win against a very poor Raiders' team. I liken Brent playing fullback with Joey Johns doing the same at the Knights. He would be brilliant at the role but nowhere near effective than if he was the halfback.

Incidentally, I now want Toopi at fullback and Koopu in the centres.


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