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Took ages to jiggle but we can still make top 4 just need, well aside from a mountain of miracles that would have the nrls integrity questioned world wide. Bulldogs to win all their games, warriors to win all theirs with a few 48 point + wins. Ends up with 9 teams on same points. I left Storm and Eels out the 8 to show how ridiculous this is.
Meh probably end up 13th after losing to the Titans round 25 last minute field goal⁹
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Just another day in paradise
Hey team

Thought it would be good to start a thread where anyone can post any predictions big or small for the 2022 competition, so it’s easier to come back to and brag (or laugh at) later on in the year.

I’ll start!

  • Shaun Johnson to pull a Keiran Foran and after years of injuries, play a year of 20+ games.
  • Warriors to finish in 6th place
  • Rabbitohs the big sliders, falling to 7th or 8th and are the knocked out first round of the finals.
  • Nikorima to start the year at 6 and have a decent run with 15+ try assists and finishing the year as our top 5/8th (Caveat - only if Shaun Johnson is there. If Shaun Johnson goes down then there’s no chance of this).

Aaaaaaand go!

Bro, how wrong can you be?!!
My predictions are middling:
My pick that Harris would retire is almost wrong - although he might still retire, it's well past May.
The Warriors have made it back to MSS.
Lodge got released.
Johnson hasn't had a heap of small injuries but also hasn't been quietly brilliant. Just quiet.
Walsh ain't going to be our top tryscorer.
Walsh is hovering around 80% kicking accuracy.
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