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Hardly anyone agrees with Soward, plus he takes a while to publish his power rankings each week. Now is a chance to publish your own.


1) Must list all 16 teams
2) Ideally include a couple of comments

Here's mine after Round 11

1 Roosters (Despite some losses they are the big dog of the NRL).

2 Storm (Pure class)

3 NewCastle (Turnaround team of 2019)

4 Rabbitohs (In the mix to win it all)

5 Brisbane (As good as the four teams I have listed above them - well almost)

6 Sharks (Perennielly strong)

7 Sea Eagles (Wish we had Tapau)

8 Wests (Round out my top 8 at this stage)

9 Raiders (2nd best turnaround team of 2019 - suffering from injuries a bit)

10 Warriors (A clear level down from the top 5 teams yet a clear level above the bottom 4 teams)

11 Cowboys (Have a right to complain about me ranking them this low)

12 Dragons (They sound good on paper at least)

13 Titans (The little engine that sometimes can and sometimes can't - I would hate to be their fan. Don't see any glimmer of hope on the horizon).

14 Panthers (They just need some momentum. Too good to be cellar dwellers)

15 Dogs (Because they have Foran and I am a fan of his have rated them 15th not 16th)

16 Eels (Yeah - I went there. I have them crashing down the rankings in the next few months),

Now lets see your list...


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Apr 23, 2012
Your ranking of the Warriors is generous. Our only wins have come against the 4 teams below us on the ladder -we’re only 2 points from the spoon and 2 points from 8th place too.
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Apr 23, 2012
The current ladder is a fairly good indication of the current state of play.


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Mar 30, 2012
Soward's Power Rankings is correct and fair reflection on where each team stands.
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wizards rage

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Apr 18, 2016
1 Rabbitohs (Bennett and a well built team developed over several years)

2 Storm (Bellamy & Smith)

3 Roosters (Clear top 3 above the rest but not the Roosters year this time).

4 Sharks - (Dark horses - they have the squad to win the comp. Look for them to quietly rise and really threaten in the finals)

5 Newcastle (Stars are aligning, solid squad now)

6 Raiders (great squad, great potential but lower ceiling than those above them)

7 Brisbane (Potential but still to young for the back end of this season)

8 Sea Eagles (Shows what a decent coach can do)

9 Warrior (I see a clear top 7 and it will be a battle for the 8th spot with about 4 teams scrambling for it. Don’t see the warrior sneaking in but still a long way to go)

10 Wests (Great start to the comp... will fall away)

11 Cowboys (Rebuild year after JT but not their year)

12 Dragons (not their year)

13 Eels (best year in ages... avoided the spoon)

14 Panthers - (who knows, too good for the spoon but they have little to play for now)

15 Titans (will sack their coach before the year is out)

16 Dogs (Spoons still open to any of about 5 teams. Most even contest in years and no easy beats... well not consistently anyway)

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