General Positive shake up for Bartercard Cup????


I like the idea of free-to-air coverage of a Monday night game. But at the end of the day, they can restructure and fiddle around with the format as much as they like - the key is a HUGE promotional push to get the public interested.


Sweet. The aim should be to get the various clubs within a franchise all pushing in the same direction and not infighting as to who should have the major representation on any BCC teams or management. If that happens then sponsors see a good base to link their product to. From that springs the ability to push the sport.

Well done NZRL. Doesn't make up for for some amateur decisions over the years, poor presentation and a general lack of balls, but a good move, especially the linking of the juniors and the solidifying of the pro-league Maori fanbase.

I'll be switching it on for sure.


yeah sounds awesome Go the NORTHLAND ALLIANCE (i thoguht it was called northern alliance) ..havnt heard much about the team... local papers only report stuff about rugby yawwnion


Thats a push for NZ Rugby league dont you think?
Thats a live bartercard game on Maori TV each Monday plus the Maori sports team wrap up highlighting Games throughout the weekend...and all for free!
It not like Sky TV did much for the domestic game!!!
Hopefully, more corporate sponsors jump on board!!!