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Raurimu Massive

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Apr 26, 2012
Just quietly, some NRL teams would benefit from a similar approach. Just putting it out there, but can you imagine the changes in player conduct if they spent all week "in camp", and only had the two days after a match to spend time with their families, with alcohol and drug tests on return? If a club had the balls to dictate that kind of policy and was wildly successful because of it, there'd be players queuing to sign up.
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May 9, 2012
Unless you have been to PNG it is hard to understand just what these guys are up against. I worked on the Holiday Inn in Moresby for a while when the two new accommodation towers were being built and used to see see Brad Tassell pretty regularly. Plus, as I've bored a few here already, the Holiday Inn was also the place the Aussie PM's XIII, Legends of League and NSW development teams used to stay so I got to talk with many of the great players each time they were there. The way the article is written it sounds like their accommodation is very basic, but I'm sure Buck777 can back me up on this, where they stay as a team in most cases would be far nicer than what they would have in their village. for example something as simple as a 20 litre paint bucket is considered a luxury item and has a huge value. Many villages around Moresby have no power or running water and in many cases a house consists of four poles with a blue warehouse type tarp as the roof and if they are lucky another one for walls. Even in regards to speaking a common language, English has only become compulsory in schools recently, but many can't afford to go so it's not learnt. Even with Tok Pison, some don't understand it as they speak Motu and the language of their own village, which can be completely different from the neighbouring village only a few km's away. There is no doubt they love league but I do think even in Kokopo they may struggle with just how ferral the local fans can become and I hope no one gets hurt if things do get a bit "intense". I wish them the best of luck because many of the locals I met are friendly wonderful people, but no matter how you try to spin it PNG can become a very dangerous place with a level of violence hard to imagine very quickly.

Jordan G

Will also add, I hope they keep showing the games on nine. It was a very warrioresque performance in nearly every department. Lol.
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All Out!
Jul 15, 2013
I know theres many obstacles to get around but itd be great to have a PNG side with us against the aussies in the NRL one day maybe...
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May 9, 2012
I know theres many obstacles to get around but itd be great to have a PNG side with us against the aussies in the NRL one day maybe...

If it did get to that point I wonder if they would be better basing themselves in cairns? Could still fly home to play their home games in png. Just hard to imagine players sticking around if they had the choice between living in a compound in png or an apartment in bondi.

Jordan G

Exciting and frustrating at the same time?

Pretty much. PNG ruined a few chances with pushed passes, still skipped out to a 12-0 lead including a brilliant solo run from the left centre.

Clever footwork and flimsy goal line defense then allowed Redcliffe to get it back to 12-all before a mistake riddled final ten took us to halftime.

Redcliffe muffed the kick off, and then conceded a penalty to give PNG an early lead. Several times Redcliffe pushed for a try, PNG looking very suspect only for some scrambling or a last ditch tackle preventing points.

PNG then scored a double blow. In what can only be described as a Vatuvei like effort, the PNG left winger caught the ball flat footed with nothing on, stepped back infield and then bludgeoned his way through the middle of two tacklers for a try.

Then he took the kick off, charged forward, massive head clash that didn't phase him but knocked the other guy senseless. From there the second rower roared up the field only to ignore 3 players on his inside to try and trample the fullback. At least he didn't push a silly offload. The next play it goes to the lock (Pandia who got mom). He changed the angle, heading back towards the blind, showing amazing balance to fend and then do an NFl style spin move before offloading to the centre to score. PNG up 22-12.

Redcliffe were given a dubious try in the corner, but fair enough considering the limited camera angles and the fact the on field ref called it a try. Kick from sideline and it's 22-18.

From there it was pretty much scramble in defense, concede stupid penalties, take silly options, then scramble some more. Redcliffe helped by twice kicking on the second tackle 5 metres from the goal line.

PNG managed a break, got a lucky call when a blatant knock on was missed and then was given a penalty which extended the lead to 24-18 with 4 to go.

Redcliffe had one more surge but knocked on.

All up they scored brilliant long range and solo tries, their ball carriers charged forward, pushed passes, silly penalties, inconsistent kicks, defense suspect on the edges, conceded soft tries, and rarely pushed off hard enough from the goal line. Yeah it was Warrior style, great to watch though.

Jordan G

And on a slight OT, the Burleigh Bears are starting to resemble a Warriors B team with Likiliki, Ioane, Seluini and Cook all in the top 17
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May 18, 2012
I'm very pleased to see PNG doing so well. It's truly awesome news for rugby league and PNG as a nation. I can only imagine how feverishly excited the fans are.

Massive congrats to the people who organised the systems for this club. Having them all based in one building, identical salaries regardless of status, zero tolerance for alcohol and drugs... brilliant and utterly necessary.

Just wish the QLD Cup was played on SKY :S

Man the Hunters are UNITS. All of them look massive haha... and they're all new to being pro athletes. Insane genetics.

The Truth

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Jun 17, 2013
I work in png and head back tomorrow actually. This will be massive for them. I have handed out a few Warriors jerseys to the guys I work with and they nearly break down crying because of how much it means to them. League is god there. Every single village has a league ground and this include villages surrounded by 500km of jungle. You fly over then wham, footy field. Ha ha. I'm not sure if you guys are aware but PNG locals Love the Kiwi league team. I have got myself out of a few dangerous situations purely because they found out I was a kiwi.
Anyway, we will eventually see a PNG side in the NRL as their government has been pushing hard to fund a team for a while, at one point they were going to buy the Titans so they will get there. Problem is that it won't last. The corruption and in house fighting and what they call the Wantok system (basically cronyism) will see the foundations get destroyed. Hopefully I am wrong and would prefer if a privately run company could fund it.
The other issue is security. Moresby is realistically the only place that could sustain a team and the reality is that it is one of the most dangerous cities in the world outside of a war zone. You cannot trust security or the police, and corruption rules. When they find out a team of rich guys are scheduled to stay/play every second week, only an Australian army squad could guarantee their safety. ( I am guessing that the rules of everyone being payed the same is more for their safety as it is some socialist utopia.)
They will need to move around and not advertise where they will be staying, practising etc. It would only take one incident and that will be the end.

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