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Jun 26, 2012
Oh no, not another Warriors supporter that doesn't mind conceeding 40 points as long as we win by 2. You do realize Cleary has inherited one of the worst rosters in the NRL, while Bluey has been given one of the best, don't you?

Okay, sure Cleary did nothing for our club...I'm not even going to begin to say how wrong that is, it's a ridiculous statement, even if you don't like the guy. Your beloved Bluey inherited an AWESOME roster because of that nuffy, Cleary.

Yeah, and you pay the coach to organize structures and manage his team, not just to make players "believe" in themselves. I had yet to see much of either from our coach until this past week.

Any dipshit can say they're going to win the comp. How close are we to actually doing it though? Fucking miles away. How many top 8 teams have we beaten this year? Oh wow, two and the Cowboys B team. It wasn't epic, it was bloody stupid.

what did cleary do for our club? besides bring his boring coaching? ... oh did he create hurricane,sj,and all the other under 20's players by manipulating midichlorians and infusing them with dark energy and god particles?..he got lucky lastyear because sj had his debut and other clubs didn't know what had hit them,

yeah playing one out rugby league and kicking and praying awesome structure but it fluked us a grand final so yeah thats awesome

any dipshlt can blah blah blah, no it takes balls to say something like that, and whoever says otherwise is a eunuch..

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