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Throughout the Warriors history we have had a terrible away record.

Im not sure if its the travel or the time difference but we really seldom seem on our game in australia, in particular night games which are played at 9:30pm (NZ Local Time)

Be interesting to see the stats on away games won/loss broken down over night/day.

I think this is the biggest challenge for the Warriors to overcome, we are always going to be competitive at home but I feel that no matter who we are playing if its an away game we are favourites to lose.


I'm not sure about day/night stats, Hitter, but here are our home/away stats:
Home: Played 157, won 90, drawn 1, lost 66. (57.32% win ratio.)
Away: Played 161, won 58, drawn 4, lost 99. (36.02% win ratio.)


Wish I knew! Maybe they should consider leaving earlier, to prepare for those away games. I know for the Melbourne one they got over here the day before..not that it had any made much difference...just a thought


Its the same for Melbourne, Brisbane and the Gold Coast (except when playing each other), Newcastle (sometimes) and North Queensland.

Do the home and away stats bear out this theory?


Ta-a for the link LordGnome, Melbourne's record is not that bad considering away, only a small minority of teams they haven't lost to yet, but sitting just under 48% isn't bad at all


A few things, good post by the way, this is a crucial issue that needs serious addressing.

A: I think in all fairness, the Warriors away games should be 5:30PM Saturday night games. I think it's easier adjusting to an earlier start than you're used to once a year, than 12 times a year adopting a 2 hour swing to a later time. Your body naturally starts to fatigue. In the benefit of impartiality and fairness, the NRL really need to address this in future scheduling and the club needs to lobby at the end of year seminars for this.

B: This is definitely regarded as a serious issue for the Warriors. I know the Warriors, the Breakers, and previously the Knights (and I'm assuming in their place now the Phoenix) have held combined discussions on this very issue. They've got medical research etc., for better flight fatigue management routines in an attempt to make the environment as relaxing, yet stimulating at game time as possible. It's a unique situation, and if you think about how much of an advantage for instance a home game is regarded in Europe's UEFA or Champion's Trophy due to the travel, and how therefore a lot of very good teams go to lesser teams (in some cases far lesser teams) and play very defensive formations in those games in a bid to try and come up with a draw, or a slight loss, knowing the benefits of playing at home in the return tie are usually great. If you compare that, the Warriors have probably done fairly well and it suggests there is a very real issue with road trips for sporting teams and that perhaps even in far better researched and oriented and funded sporting organisations that there has not been conclusive methods developed to overcome this issue. This issue to me is a massive reason why NRL clubs very rarely win the World Club Championship.

C: I hate to harp back at it, but I think we would win 10-20% extra away from home playing a tighter game structure, but that would only work if you are able to execute well off the back of that with a precise kicking game that wears the opponents physically and mentally down to the level that the travel issue has put upon you.

The issue is very real, I just went over to Europe for a great holiday, and I think it took me a good 3-4 days to really adjust. I got up at a normal time, but by the time it was 5-6PM in Scotland especially, I was caned. Likewise, on return we stayed in Singapore, and it was near impossible to sleep on the plane what with babies on board, and the general uncomfortableness, so when we got to Singapore at 7AM clearing customs not long after, the first thing we wanted to do, irrespective of it being 35 degrees, beautiful and everything we wanted it to be and even though we knew time on this holiday was drawing to a close was we wanted to sleep till 2PM because we were overly fatigued.