Pick Your Team Pick Your Team Round 4 2020 Warriors vs Panthers

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I'd keep Murchie, just a bit worried with him laying in the tackle too long but must be strong as fuck, always made a few meters post contact with 2 or 3 players on him, he'll only get better.
Looks very top heavy but then also looks to have decent leg drive post contact. Did look like a bit of a flopper in some tackles. I like the potential tho, should be on the bench again this week with Paasi out.


they kind of have to play the roosters prop in place of Paasi - you can't ask for help, have your call answered, then turn around and say aw jokes, he's just for depth.

it might only be for one week, but in good faith, give him a shot
Is Setu Tu available as a wing option, would love to see him have a run.
Herbert to centre if Hiku out.
Faasumili in for Passi.
Lawton important this week as a hooker interchange and his dummy half runs.
The game is set up for Egan. Panthers won’t think he will run from dummy half based on first few games and could eye ball runners instead allowing him some runs out of dummy half.
Need to shut down Korisau, he looked dangerous with his darting runs and we all know what Kikau offers in attack, they will throw it to him every chance they get.
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