General Pick Your Team Rnd 7 - Cowboys vs Warriors

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to be honest i think we can't win with this kind of subbing routine , team is about sharing the workload not 13 players in the front and 4 players at the back this is NRL not sharman lol
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I'm really looking forward to this game.

It's a big test of our desire, to see if we can beat the road and the tropical conditions up their, so that we're competitive on the field...

Todays weather...
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This game will be a coaching test for McFadden, For me he has ticked most boxes, except his use of the bench. The Townsville humidity tests everybody so interchange will play a big part. As players develop so do Coaches. Hopefully the lessons will have been learnt before rather than after this game. Otherwise fairly comfortable with how things are tracking. It would be great to make a statement in this game, but I am more concerned with an improved performance with reduced errors.
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