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Warriors website mentions it's Hurrell's 49th game.

So 20 games to go then....:)

Coat got.

Not overly bothered about Neilsen, would rather not against Penrith given how well they're going - ie if this is his Last Chance Saloon, it's a bit of a toughie - but actually don't think he'll be the point of difference Sunday.

I expect average, nothing special, back to NSW Cup when other centre options are available.


Can’t make up my mind on this, Danger.. (what’s the antonym for danger, safety?) ..Safety Neilsen is a specialist to mark the (actually) dangerous Dean Whare, the whole team is defending much better since the last time he played so not worried about that part of it, it’s his lack of attack that can screw us, specifically his weak ass runs carting the ball out of our own half, Laumape hasn’t exactly been laying on sterling service for Manu either, so if he can just go the whole game without throwing a forward pass that’d be great. You get the sense that he will cost us at some point over the next 3 games though if he is retained there…

Henry did do really good work off the bench last week, so he’s around as insurance and if Matulino comes back after the bye Benry can go into the centres – that’s my hope.

Hopefully they select Fat Jamal at left centre and Johnson, Hurrell can target him mercilessly in return.
Good to see Fusitu'a named. Hope the young fullah can make it to full fitness (or close enought to do the job). The best thing about the team named is their is only one change from last week. The effort across the team was good and our combinations continue to develop. As dissapointed as I am for Havili, with his game at NSW cup level being pretty good, I understand that Benry can cover hooker as he did against the Broncos should Friend get injured or need a break. I also thought Gubb did a decent enough job with his 17 minutes (or whatever it was) and I hope he can build on that.

I agree with all the comments about Neilsen. If he can defend well and run 100m of hard yards like the other backs (halves excluded) have been doing every week he will have done his job. Frankly I can't see it but like others have said, this is his chance.

Unless he is brilliant I can't see him keeping Ngani out who has been very good since he and Konnie have been at centre.
I think picking Nielson sends the best possible Message to our centers.

Had McFadden Chosen Benry there...the message would have been clear.......your spot is being kept warm for you.

Nielsons had his punishment , now it's really about finding form again.

I really hope Dane goes up a level and demands to stay where he is. Hopefully he will spend the next month working on his passing and getting back to being one of the best defensive centers going around ( he was very good when he first got here ).

Big test for Neilson and Manu , if they come through this coming months footy well Ngani will have a long way back.
Sink or swim for Dane, lets see how much ticker he really has.

I'm in the boat of expecting him to slip out to the wing, and Benry to centre.
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You got to feel for Cappy he just gets the team he really wants then Laumape has a brain snap, oh well all part of the learning process Geeesusss. Oh well lucky it's not Elliott in charge or Carlos would be there, I for one have the confidence that Cappy has made the right, no only possible decision in bringing back Danger. As for Fusitua if the trainer from NSW was with us he would of kicked his ass and said get up and get in the line boy ala Hopoate, just being a Rookie who will learn about the rigours of 1st grade. Carn Danger you can do it, show us that your not a waste of space and use that space effectively.
Nothing wrong with this team, its the best we have available. We can't risk putting Henry at centre and having 2 NSW cup players on the bench. Our NSW cup forwards only play 15 minute spells, that means they give us 30 minutes but take up 4 interchanges, basically wasting space and putting other guys under pressure.
I'm hoping for Nielson to simply play solid and as long as his inside men communicate with him and don't stay static on the line we should be fine defending.
Without Ngani our second rowers will have to step up and make some metres. I think Seb made more than usual last week so this is a step in the right direction.
The bigger concern for me is Fusitua's hands and defence. Barba almost got a grubber in behind him early last week only for it to go dead, he bombed a certain try and also made a mistake leading to the Bronco's first try. He's good but he's far from perfect and has plenty of errors and frailty in his game. He better be awake to Sowards kicking game or he'll be in for a long one.
We need to send someone to be like a fly on shit chasing Soward around. Need to be like Farah on DCE in origin. Panthers thrive on the back of Sowards game and if we can pressure him and make him crack, he isn't the most mentally strong player, we will go a long way to winning this game.
We play to our potential, we win.
We turn up like last week, without any focus or direction we will get pumped.

Jordan G

Ahhh, damn it. I really, really don't understand the logic, Cappy. Benry is a better centre in every way, than Nielsen. Even if we didn't bring in Havili to replace Benry on the bench, we could have brought in someone like RFM who's been playing very well, by all accounts, for NSWarriors...

A bench of Matagi, Mateo, Gubb and Faitala-Mariner is hardly undersized... in fact, it's pretty big.

Don't get this call at all - hasn't Nielsen been shit in the Cup??

I think that bench you named explains it pretty well. When Mateo is the guy capable of playing the longest minutes you know you're only going to get short bursts out of your bench. That puts a lot of pressure on the guys starting, and one injury makes it harder. There's more minute on the bench as Cappy has named it, something we probably need with Matulino still out as well.
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