Upside - Kosi will never be that bad again. I don't know him personally but I haven't seen anything before that would suggest he would be a guy to give up. School boy errors, concentration and complacency - I think he was mentally shot - then over-whelmed and poo just hit the fan after that. Part of me says - see how he recovers at training mentally, see how the team responds around him too - do they have confidence....then support him with Aitken in the centre next to him.

On the other hand....I am so keen to see Ratuva have a run too. Maybe a few errors but definitely more 1 v 1 and finishing a break kind of potential.
I just don’t see him as a first grader. He’s been so bad in the past that he gets praised for catching a couple high balls, just the basic things of footy that you should be doing in park league.
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It's less the errors and more the attitude, anyone can have a poor game but that was unacceptable. He gave up towards the end of that game and that alone deserves time out of the team, we do not need that attitude within a team that has been notorious for giving up over the years.
To be fair bro, Quite a few of them gave up. Lodge was the only one ripping in. But you're right. Once his confidence was shot to pieces. He literally wanted out of there and gave up.