Pick Your Team Pick Your Team 2022 Rnd 3 - Tigers vs Warriors


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Pick Your Team 2022 Rnd 3 - Tigers vs Warriors


Any new injury concerns?
Any returning players?
Any tweaks to the bench?




I liked the squad against the titans, all except Pompey and Sironen.

I dont like the egan and tevaga rotation and hooker, i think otukolo would be better around the ruck in the second half when legs are abit tired. there was a period where we were going one out from the ruck and making huge metres, just need a more versatile hooker who looks at the game differently, egan make alot of the same decisions fro the ruck that are predictable and easy to read defensively similar is jazz from hooker.

I quite liked Taylor and Chanel Harris-Tavita, walsh did alot of the attacking work but we need taylors short kicking game, hopefully he was just gassed and not injured i believe hes a decent stop gap for Shaun Johnson. He actually made some effective tackles that no one really looked into.

Aitken is not a good edge back rower, I believe hes either a centre or not. I prefer curran on the edge, he has great lines and could benefit more from walsh then aitken could. I think jazz would be fine as a lock.

I like berry but he hasnt done much in setting up his winger, we need a ropo type in that role moving forward but i dont see aitken doing much better. Berry needs time but if what others are saying that left edge isnt his natural side then i agree he should be playing on the right edge.

I would rather have aitken take sironens role, i feel you would get better bang for your 20 minute buck from him, hes a smarter player and can actually offer something on attack.

Ratuva is worth a shot, Pompey is not much better, The defence is buggered because of the system not the players i believe, lets see what he can do under the high ball and a true speedster.

That is all.
1 Walsh (he probably is a better 6 but Chanel Harris-Tavita just did well at 6 so leave Chanel Harris-Tavita there)
2 Pompey (at least he can tackle)
3 Aitken or Montoya is Brown refuses to let Aitken out of the 2nd row
4 Arthars
5 Montoya
6 Chanel Harris-Tavita
7 Ash to give them the bash Taylor
8 The Captain
9 Egan
10 Afoa (his threat of his new offload he worked on in the off season is allowing to him gain post contact metres all of a sudden)
11 Katoa
12 Curran
13 Jazz

14 Otukulo
15 Pene
16 Lodge
17 Ben Murdoch-Masila

Kodi to be named at 18 so it looks like we value him in order that another team might offer us a player swap for him.

Tigers are a big team so we definitely need Ben Murdoch-Masila for this match.
Probably will regret saying this but it doesn't matter who plays this week because we are playing the Tigers and watching them play yesterday they were awful!! We aren't losing to the Tigers!
I don’t know why people are picking Katoa. He was mud! Needs a stint in the Reggie’s! Bring Tevaga to lock move Curran to a edge and bring in Otukolo.
I think Katoa is going to be the next love him or hate him player on this forum.
When he gets put into a gap by the playmakers you can see the potential but I havnt seen such a big body get continually get stopped in his tracks and driven backwards by an opposition half defending him.
I'd persevere with him on potential but for how long I dont know.
Players I’m happy with: Walsh, Addin Fonua-Blake, Lodge, Egan, Curran, Afoa, Tevaga

Players that are just a pass: Aitken, Arthars, Chanel Harris-Tavita

Players that wouldn’t currently make other teams: Berry, Taylor, Katoa, Pene, Ben Murdoch-Masila
Some interesting mentions there in your bottom list. Brown made the point in his presser that coming from a union background Berry and Katoa have literally played 30 games of rugby league in their life. Keeping in mind the now 3 years disruption for this club, I tend to agree that in general its unlikely other clubs would be fielding players in first grade on the basis of having such little game time at any level. For Pene I think he'd probably make the bench of some teams. He performed ok last year in 9 games in an otherwise stacked Storm side which limited his opportunities.
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