Warriors Orange Peeler
Pick Your Team 2022 Rnd 24 - Panthers vs Warriors


Any new injury concerns?
Any returning players?
Any tweaks to the bench?



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is this where we pick the team or pick the score? Picking the score is easier. 56-0 to the Panthers, But the Panthers may rest most of their players for this game so maybe 32-0 to the Panthers.
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Last regular season home game for Penrith, Friday night, minor premiers .... they'll look to go into celebration mode before traveling to the likely second place-getters home in the last round (where they will rest players) ... our new coach still in the opposition box... it's a real hunger games scenario...

who do you throw in there ?

Ale looks very good, hard as anything, I'd like to see more of him
Vailea too, he's come back even stronger

But we have no pattern to build on.... just don't want an implosion, a la tamou or kane evans

Walsh I'm on the fence about - do you play him again or not? - I like the guy, but yeah the consensus is very much in - promoted too quickly and in the wrong position - he needs to be a 6... as far as i can see there was only a small window in which lighter faster fullbacks were the go to thing, during the first round of the 6 again rule - we bought into that too quickly, and the game has changed again... pointless comments, i know - the broncs problem now
I am picking Penrith rest some players to give some second strength players a game. Being a home game they are still out to win.
The thought of SOS running us ragged is painful. Give our fringe players a shot as we need to save the last Salvo for the Titans.